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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Naruto 536 Spoilers and Summaries

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Naruto Chapter 536

Caption "Naruto moves!! How iruka feels inside... "
536: naruto to the front...!!

Im weak...
I act the part of your brother but i can never protect you.)
Bee: he's gone, eh, you fucker, you bitch!
Iruka: !
Iruka: killer bee san, arent you?
May I ask you a favour?
Bee: ? (...maybe ive seen this guy somewhere before, unsure[ai-mai♪].
I forget peoples faces, every time [mai-kai♪])
Iruka: Please protect naruto!
Bee: its not the right way, the appeal[tan-gan♪])
Point your fist to me, easy [kan-tan♪])
Iruka:.....? like this?

Bee: right oh, you bichi you fucka!!
Iruka: ?
Bee: !
Bee: it was you...
Iruka: ?
8B: are you sure with making such a promise!
Your duty is to watch Naruto, by rights!
Bee: when this guy cant stop him,
No one can. impossible[mu-ri♪] because...

Bee: I could always see you in narutos mind...
His mentality[sin-ri♪]
Iruka: ....!
Iruka: in his mind?
Bee: i dont know what youve done to naruto
But i suppose to naruto you're kinda special [toku-betsu♪]
while to him my rap is crap(/disregarded[kei-betsu♪])
Bee: Naruto keeps whatever youve given to him neatly in his heart to this day[kyo-ma-de♪]

Bee: your words have protected him, strong[kyo-ryoku♪]
8b: are you sure you're going out and after naruto!?
Bee: the training hasnt finished, you bitch, you fucka!
8b: certainly raikage will give you a nice iron-claw later!
Bee: practice makes perfect, you bitch!
We gonna take a short cut, you fucko!

Naruto: !!?
Naruto: !!
Bee: from here are barriers [kek-kai♪]
We will break through together, ok[ryo-kai♪]?
Naruto: bee, the geezer!!

the kekkai team: No go!!
the kekkai cant be restored in time!!
The kekkai team Leader: at this rate!!
A curly guy: the should we report on this...
The leader: a failure to stall them!!!
The curly:...yes...yes sir....
Naruto: we got out!!
The kekkai team leader: ....cos the two of them together break the kekkai out you know. i haven't been told of such a case....
The curled:.....

w-zetsu:8b and 9b, the two of them are out ...but
what do we do with the daimyos ? still we better capture them as tools for negotiations, yep?
We dont need Daimyous anymore.
Our capturing them might make the nations some pressure on the villages of the shinobi-allies
That would be for us no more than the means to take 8b and 9b out basically.
Madara: now that 8b and 9b have already come out, there's no need for us to take such a roundabout.
knowing Raikage...its clear that those daimyos are no asset whatever in negotiation to start with
when the moon eye project is done everything is over for them.
w-zetsu: Is that so? ...while the black zetsu is struggling against vain?
madara:well no. ..Not...that the hired shinobis can neglect the daimyos....
madara: have black zetu carry on with his guerrilla war.
Keeping mizukage and co glued to there can spilt the strength of the enemy.
W-zetsu: i see...thats so....
and...What does Tobi do then?
Madara: im finally joining battle as well.
First of all, Im seizing the substitute.
Choza:well done!

Shinobi: whats this !!?

the end caption "madara goes to the front....!! what is his object?"

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