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Monday, March 7, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 529 Golden Bonds

Naruto Manga Chapter 529 Golden Bonds

Naruto sense a disturbance during his training and lost his concentration. Probably Naruto sense chakra from Kinkaku which was released nine tailed chakra from his body. Long time ago, Kin and Gin were swallowed by nine-tailed fox and spent two weeks inside its gut and survived by eating the meat of its stomach. Darui's division is in danger, without backup its almost impossible to stopping Kinkaku. There is only one way to stop Kinkaku, by using The "Amber Purifying Pot", one of the five ultimate treasures, they planned to send it to Darui and trap Kinkaku inside. The "Amber Purifying Pot" is the tool that they used to seal the eight tails. So using Mabui's (Raikage's secretary) transfer technique, The Pot has been sent to Darui's place in speed of light. And with shikaku's plan they finally succesful to defeat Kinkaku.
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