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Monday, March 7, 2011

Naruto Manga Chapter 527 Secret Word

Darui have to fight with Kin and Gin brothers which are over powered with the nine tailed chakra within their body. Samui and Atsui came to help Darui. Kin and Gin from the hystory books, they were famous with their weapon The Silver and Gold Brothers, 4 of the 5 ultimate ninja treasures gathered by the hidden cloud. The "Rope of Clarity", The "Seven Star Sword", The "Crimson Gourd", and The "Banana Fan". They were maybe the only people that could survived after swallowed by the nine-tailed fox. The "Rope of Clarity" on Ginkaku left arm suck out the souls of anyone it touches and curses them with The "Seven Star Sword" on his right arm. Kinkaku The "Crimson Gourd" will records the soul and seals the tagger. And The "Banana Fan" that can create any of the 5 elements. It just look like the secret word game, the word you say the most is tabooed. And their first victim is Atsui, by using flame attack, Kinkaku succesfully forced Atsui to say "HOT" and suck his body into The "Crimson Gourd". What will be happen to Darui division?
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