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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Naruto 533 Spoilers and Summaries

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Credits: Yagami
Status: Confirmed

I'm only translating stuffs that are readable.

Chapter 533 : The promise

Shikamaru : Shit ! ( He dodged )
Asuma : Chouza ! ( it sounds like Chouza tanks Asuma's fuuton )

Flashback Asuma : Oh yeah. I never actually told you who's the king. I'll tell you, come here.
( Basically the king speech when Asuma died )
FB Asuma : Take care of my king.
Shikamaru : Stop being a pussy, Chouji ! We're not supposed to be brats that need to be protected anymore. It's our turn, our duty to protect the king. Do you want Asuma's child to die ?

Ino : Shikamaru is right, Chouji. Why do you think we are wearing thoses earrings ?

Chouji : Soaring Change !

I'm not sure what Chouza says, but it sounds like Chouji went butterfly without the pills.
Shikamaru : Chouji !

Asuma : Yes, chouji ! I like your face, now.

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