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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Naruto 530 Spoilers and Summaries

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Naruto 530 Bahasa INdonesia
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Credits: Mangahideout/BA/TakL
Status: Confirmed

chap 538: Choji's determination(? the last letter not very clear)

caption "Darui unit has sealed kinkaku and ginkaku....however!!"

Ino: for (a guy) being scared the crap, Good job, choji!
Choji ...i feel ive lost weight radically with a cold sweat
Shikamaru: a feeling is ok
No worries, youre the same old you.

Shikaku: As planned!
Inoichi:You've gained better control of the speed and release of shintenshin...
Choza: well done choji!
Kituchi: from the squad 8 to the 10, take the injured to the rear(?)
The rest, follow me!!

Izumo: I 'owe' you...
you're not forgetting that are you, hijiki(black algae) bastard
kakuzu: im afraid i don't remember an opponent that doesn't make money...
Kotetsu: they say money talks even in the hell but...
can i ask you if it talked after you died?

Kankuro: gasp,(my body is numb.)
Mifune: i reckon you're Hanzou-dono(sir),
Im president of samurais, namely mifune,
Id like to have a match with you!

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