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Friday, March 4, 2011

Naruto 518 Manga ナルト 518 Chapter Spoilers

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Naruto Chapter 518 : The Ambush Squads Clash!

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  1. Naruto 518 Title: The battle between the ambush corps Part 1
  2. Naruto 518 Title: The battle between the ambush corps Part 2

naruto manga 518 chapter

Part 4:
Kankuro's Sasori Vs. Sasori and Sai's brother
If you cut the chakra strings, then Omoi can join the battle.
The opportunity comes,
Deidara "Too late!!"
Kankuro "NOW! Kankuro's Sanshouuo (salamander pupper) comes out of the ground and swallows Sai's brother. He explodes.
It was pretty lucky they were in the forest. The explosion? Anyhow, the reinforcements were killed / destroyed.

is out of his rucksack.
Deidara "I didn't expect you to have some sort of defense puppet underground... You're lucky that that blast wasn't very powerful, yeah.
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