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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bleach 439 - Keen Marker, Bleach 439

Baca Manga Komik Bleach 439 Bahasa Indonesia Chapter Terbaru
- In this chapter 439: Keen Marker komik bleach indonesian version, tell us: What that dude did to him?! Make no mistake, I hate her crying all the time, but it hurt a girl is never a good thing in my book. Maybe he was not hurt, he only reinforces the pheromone so that he could finally go on with Ichigo, generous thing :-) Anyway?, I hope Ichigo to rush to him and kick ass ASAP. Btw, how Chad detect changes in her body, do not feel the power associated with spiritual power alone? For example, when Rukia feels that Ichigo is in trouble, he did not know whether she was cut or if his arm is broken, it's just that his reiatsu lower, unstable. I do not get that part. what will happen to Ichigo!? find out on next chapter manga bleach 440 indonesia next week!! enjoy manga komik bleach 439: Keen Marker Indonesia

Bleach page 439 1

Bleach page 439 2

Bleach page 439 3

Bleach page 439 4

Bleach page 439 5

Bleach page 439 6

Bleach page 439 7

Bleach page 439 8

Bleach page 439 9

Bleach page 439 10

Bleach page 439 11

Bleach page 439 12

Bleach page 439 13

Bleach page 439 14

Bleach page 439 15

Bleach page 439 16

Bleach page 439 17

Bleach page 439 18

Bleach page 439 19

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