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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Air Gear 310: Tricks 310, Air Gear 311

Baca Komik Air Gear Chapter 310 Bahasa Indonesia - Tricks 310, Next Air Gear 311 Bahasa Indonesia! supproted by: Apple released the Apple TV software update 4.2.1 (IOS 4.3.1 - build 8F202) for 2G Apple TV to fix problems with flashing, get out of bed and audio output reported by some users after installing the software updates Apple TV 4.2 (IOS 4.3 ) which was released less than two weeks ago. Apple TV 4.2 software update was released less than two weeks to bring new features and improvements to 2G Apple TV: * MLB.TV: Watch live and on-demand Major League Baseball game, access stats, scores and standings. * NBA: See scores and more, plus League Pass Broadband customers get the game live and archived .* played for application: Use wirelessly play streaming video from the application and Safari on, IPAD iPhone and iPod touch * Netflix Dolby Digital 5.1: Enjoy Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound when watching a Netflix movie and TV show theme slideshow * New: View a photo with a new Scrapbook, Photos Mobile, and Mobile Holiday theme slideshow. * Improved on-screen keyboard: Search and enter your name and password easier with a redesigned keyboard on the screen. You can install the latest Apple TV software update by selecting Software Update from the Apple TV

Air Gear 310 Page 01

Air Gear 310 Page 02

Air Gear 310 Page 03

Air Gear 310 Page 04

Air Gear 310 Page 05

Air Gear 310 Page 06

Air Gear 310 Page 07

Air Gear 310 Page 08

Air Gear 310 Page 09

Air Gear 310 Page 10

Air Gear 310 Page 11

Air Gear 310 Page 12

Air Gear 310 Page 14

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