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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Neji Spesial - special naruto game rpg

Neji Spesial

Naruto: Rise of the Ninja follows the story of the popular anime series. The game's style is that of a 'beat 'em up' with RPG aspects, for example, your character's stats do increase and they will learn new moves and abilities as the game progresses.

Whilst I really liked the style of this game, and the use of cell-shading I was disappointed that the developers had not re-animated the cut scenes in the same manner (unlike the new Dragonball Z game), instead they have simply inserted actual slips from the anime into the video game. I actually find this to be quite lazy, especially since the game can be completed in about 10 hours. If they had added some nice CGI it would have made it a little bit more enjoyable.

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