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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Naruto 524 Spoilers and Summaries

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Naruto Chapter 524 (English)

Naruto 524 Indo

Credits: takL
Status: Confirmed

The sword of a shinobi that lost its heart!!
524 things you must protect.

zabza tries to kill kakashi together with Haku
Kakashi: (are you trying to chop this kid along with me?)
here, kakashi recalls haku's actions in the wave country.
Maki: captain kakashi!!
Zabza chops kakashi together with Haku
Ensui: one of the enemies got their shadow stuck (to kakashis) ! as for the other one, the contact time of the shadows was too short! He can't be stopped from moving!
Santa Yamanaka: the contact time…? You mean the moment when zabza chopped captain kakashi!? Impossible isn't it!

Kakashi recalls his convo with lil Naruto on their way home from the great Naruto Bridge.


lil Naruto: I'll make another A rank mission, dattebayo!
Kakashi: no n no! zabza and haku …against such strong shinobis it's rather hard to believe that we all are still here safely.
lil naruto: eeeeeeer
kakashi: well… first you get strong learning more jutus and going through more trainings …and then get A rank missions.
lil Naruto: uh…true that but also…I gotta find a lot of things I want to protect!
Kakash: huh?
lil Naruto: that haku bro said…A human can be really strong when they want to defend something dear to them!
kakashi: …I see…and do you think so too? 
lil Naruto: yep…! I do…. after I saw the haku bro and zabza
Kakashi gives a bright smile.
lil Naruto: here here…kakashi-sensei ttebayo,
Now what do you think of this?
kakashi: think of what?

Edo-Haku is lying down. (starts collapsing)
Kakashi: I was glad that you 2 were naruto's first enemy…
Zabzain arms against kakashi. Kakashi makes the seals to prepare raikiri
Kakashi: Maki, be at my back and prepare for your cloth binding till you see my cue!
Maki: yes sir!
Kakashi recalls the battle with zabza on the bridge

Kakashi: Zabza…you hesitated to kille Haku then…and you couldn't hide away your shock from haku's death …… 
Zabza closes in on Kakashi. Kakashi has a cut on the belly tommy which is bleeding .
Kakashi: but not anymore! You're a so called 'emotionless tool'. No more! Lets annul such a fight!


lil naruto: here here…kakashi-sensei tebbayo, now what you think of this?
Kakashi: of what?
lil Naruto: uh. although they were enemies …somewhat somehow…I liked them
Kakashi: …!
lil Naruto: is it weird?
Kakashi with a smile: he heh…
Kakashi: (nah….cos so did I)

akashi pierces zabza's heart.
Kakashi: Ensui! Tie him down!!
Ensui: the cue!! ok! Hah!
Zabza starts to collapse
Kakashithe way you 2 died and your tears were…. the very epitome of the kizuna (bound) between you 2…)
Kakashi: me too have many gates to guard/premises to defend/ things to protect as a shinobi

Kabuto looking at the Othello board: …! …shit…

84 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E :2011/01/20(木) 00:04:40 ID:+Fc8dFGqP

Kakashi: Zabza and Haku, the way they died is one of them as their last enemy was me…Naruto… what would you think of this?
zabza's sword drips blood. Haku is shedding tears of blood.
Haku's mirror breaks.
kakashi: Maki, do it
ShinobiA:! Th…this is
Shinobi B: the fog is clearing up…Good! Now we can see the enemy with our eyes!
Maki trusses up zabza and haku with cloth and do a fuin? Jutsu.
Maki: as far as this seal is there, kichiyose won't work! I'll keep these 2 bodies under my surveillance!
Kakashi: edotensei…the jutsu can't be forgiven…! Sai, next we use your sealing tech of the Root! Follow me!(kakashi has zabza's sword in his hand)
Sai: but…im yet to (use) that jutsu…
Kakashi: certainly danzo thought highly of you, perhaps!? No need to restrain your feelings anymore!! Well…me too is rather slow to heat up tho... this time the boiling point was low, which I haven't had for a long time.

The Copy ninja kakashi who has copied a thousand jutsus…! From here he is going to wreak havoc as the name he goes by!

White zetsus get a full nelson on Naji
Neji: they are too many!(these bastards…suck up chakra, do they…) jyu-kenpo(pliant martial art), ichigekishin(one stroke body?)!!!
white zetsus are blown off.
Kiba: one after another… there will be no fucking end!!
Neji: no whine, move!
Shino: each body(of zetsu) is tough and persistent! at this rate it's gonna be a war of attrition

Shinobi C: captain Kitsuchi! A message from the head quarter! Thousands bodies have passed through our feet.
Kuro-tsuchi: my Old man!
Ki-tsuchi: shut up!! I know it!

the transparent/invisible man wrapped in bandages (the second tsuchikage, Muu(nothing/naught)): suna's sensor… a contact type isnt it….well done in catching the second tuchi kage, Muu being here.

Gaara: here they come/it comes….

the scene of war shifts to where the supreme commander Gaara is!!
the end★that's all for the chap

On the next issue, who is the astonishing dreadnaught gaara saw…!?

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