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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Full Bring - Description of Fullbring Bleach

Fullbring (完現術(フルブリング), Kangen Jutsu; lit. "Full Manifest(ation) Art") is a technique utilized by the Humans in the group Xcution.


Fullbring is a special ability that a certain man who was born with, where they can manipulate the "soul" of material for various effects, such as using a spirit drink to help them have a drink, or if they have a particular affinity to the object, then Fullbring can be used to change the shape object. For example, Kūgo Ginjō can change the necklace with a cross-shaped medal into a large sword. The Humans are born with the power to have it as a result of one of their parents were attacked by a Hollow before the user Fullbring born. Traces of power that Hollows' remain with the mother and then passed to their children. As a result, the strength Fullbring closer to the power of Hollow.

- Bleach Manga; Chapter 432, pages 10-15
- Bleach Manga; Chapter 433, page 10

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