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Friday, January 14, 2011

Baca Komik Gamaran Bahasa Indonesia Terbaru

Baca Manga Komik Gamaran 78 Bahasa Indonesia Terbaru Online - Summary and Preview Gamaran: "Middle Edo Period -- One country becomes the gathering place of all the sinful martial artists, who believe in nothing other than power, and know of no other way of life other than letting oneself go wild in the battle. That country's name is Unabara, the "Haunt of Demons"  Komik Gamaran" Washitzu Naosata, the ruler of Unabara, is looking for his successor. He calls upon all his 31 sons, and tells them to search for whoever they believe to be the strongest martial artist of all. Each of their chosen martial artists will then fight against each other until only one is left standing. Whoever is the winner, whoever has the strongest martial artist in nation by his side will become his successor... Komik Gamaran Out in the midst of the mountain is the dojo of the "Ogame Ryuu" (Giant Tortoise Style). There lives Kurogane Gama, the son of the legendary swordsman, Kurogane Jinsuke, who is believed to be able to kill 1000 martial artists in Unabara. There, one of the son of Washitzu Naosata, Washitzu Naoyoshi, comes in search of the legendary swordsman, only to find that he had gone missing several years ago. After seeing the battle style of Gama, he instead chooses to ask Gama to come with him. Wanting to become stronger, Gama agrees to his offer, and that marks the beginning of Gama's battle to become the strongest of all... Komik Gamaran summary by: [Ju-da-su]

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