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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Naruto 523 Spoilers and Summaries

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Naruto 523 English

Naruto 523 Bahasa Indonesia
Credits: Majin Lu
Status: Confirmed

523 The legendary 7 nin toh (swords) men
On the cover are,

桃地 再不斬(Zabuza Momochi)
林檎 雨由利(Ringo Ameyuri the turbaned sorta one)
栗霰 串丸(Kushimaru Kuriarare with a mask)
鬼灯 満月(Mangetsu Hozuki resembles suigetsu a bit)
無梨 甚八 (Jinpachi Munashi whose left eye is covered with an eye patch? Or with the hair?)
西瓜山 河豚鬼(Fuguki Suikazan the fat guy)
通草野 餌人(Jinin Akebino with a topknotish thingy/Shikamaru hair)

Kirigakure(the hidden mist) once called the village of bloody mist had the strongest swordsmen who are legends even now…!!
the strongest shinobi enemies you shouldn't fight against!!

Kakashi: Ensui, the platoon isn't here yet?
Ensui's platoon (from the hidden leaf.the Naras)(all are in shikamaru's hair style)
Ensui: will be here shortly…
Kakashi: Aki from suna gakure(the hidden sand)…what about yours?
Aki: yeah… we're ok!
Nin A: of all the 7 nin-swordsmen…every sir of them is strong!! They (the enemy who called them, ie Kabuto) are damn picky!!
Kakashi:now for an all out offensive, everyone!! Play for time!!
everyone throws shurikens etc.

189 :ohana ◆IR7jauNn4E

In a room somewhere
Suigetsu: seemingly it’s not here either…
Jugo: you said you were collecting the missing kiri nin swords…why do you stick to them so much?

Suigetsu: hey what…you said you'd help me and now you're already bored, huh?
jugo: nope. it's you who usually gets lazy. however about a nin toh you gets serious…
suigetsu: tusk…I have to when it comes to this…cos my dreams are to see the restoration of the 7 nintoh (ninja swords) men and to become the leader of them.
jugo: the restoration?
Suigetsu: yeah nowadays there's only this kid called chojiro in the 7 kirigakure nintoh men…the nin-tohs(nin-swords) are supposed to get handed down from generation to generation and now they are gone save the one called hiramekarei…
Even if Samehada the great blade is in kisame's possession, he's a nuke(runaway)nin… the head chopper is gone altho I managed to get it at last…
The group is almost no more officially.

Shinobi A: no good. No matter how hard we attack them in vain…
the 7 (swords) nins stand there unhurt.
NIN A: what can we do…with the enemies like them? …and they are the 7 nin-swordsmen of all others! The longer the fight takes the greater disadvantage to us!
Shinobi : don't be so worried! The jutsu will be stopped by either sealing the souls or restraining the bodies from moving. And except zabza, they don't have their swords. in that case his power is reduced by half...
Kakashi: (well no. they seem to have brought their swords with them…)
when mangetsu opens a scroll, the sword appears.
Kakashi: well not all of them tho…

Gai: the fog is getting thicker…with that, we can't see things…and there's no sound under the mu-on (silent) killing jutsu. We cant even use our ears!
kakashi: we must do something for the fog first or the allied forces(we) are at a disadvantage.
Haku and the other edoten guys are at action stations.

Ensui: captain Kakashi! Kage mane, kage shibari (shadow mimic, shadow binding)is ready.
Kakashi making hand seals: okay! Einsui, you slacken the grip of kagemane no jutsu and leave it to my move for a start!
Ensui: roger!  
kakashi: santa yamanaka, you change (bodies) with me via shin-ten-shin no jutsu(the jutsu of minds transfer bodies.)
Santa Yamanaka: roger!
kakas: and you lead me to the place where I can see the enemy with the(naked) eye…to get the rear if possible.
Firstly zabza! As soon as you can catch him with your eye, release the shin tenshinno jutsu and give my body back to me. Then I'll fight Zabza and step in his shadow to join the shadows together! And then Ensui, you tighten the grip of kagemane(shadow mimic) and kagenui(shadow sewing)to the max and bind him up!and after that Maki, you tie him up not to let him move! Here we go!
With preparing raikiri in his hand kakashi starts to run.
Shinobi A: we all gonna guard kakashi san!

190 :ohana ◆
Suigetsu: and there were many other swords. and the amazing swordsmen other than kisame zabuza or chojuro.

(from here it (suigets speech)is linked up with the nin-toh 7 in action)

Ameyuri Ringo!
the user of the electric sword 'kiba(tusk *according to ohana that's the same as raigas - a sword in each hand)' a sword with the sharpest edge that carries lightning.
Ringo slashes at the shinobi allies crisply.

Jinin Akebino!
the user of the blunt sword, kabutowari(the helmet cutter) that smashes any guard.
Akebino slashes at shinobi- allies crisply.

Kushimaru Kuriarare!
the user of cho-toh (the long sword/halberd), nuibari(sawing needle) that pieces anything and saws up anything.
Kuriarare crisply stabs and saws (the allies).

Jinpachi Munashi!
the user of the explosive sword, homatsu(spray/splash) who added the explosive power to the swordmanship.
Munashi making bursts, slashes at shonobi allies crisply.

And Fuguki Suikazan!
as well as Kisame Hoshigaki, the one who handled the great sword Samehada.
(sans the sword)

And…the one who could handle all the 7 swords…and is my brother who was referred to as a second coming of kijin(the devil man), Mangetsu Hogetsu!
(sans the sword)

and….more importantly, I will be the captain of the future nin toh 7, aand….
Jugo: that's enough…you've spoken too much, too loud.
Suigetsu: …what the hell when I was about to conclude my speech nicely.
Jugo: the sword you had was snapped off, wasn't it…why don't you make a new one than that?
Suigetsu: when you have no idea….That sword has a certain speciality. The Dantoh, the head chopper is a sword that never has a nicked blade…or better put it as a sword that restores any nicked bit, manbe…
By chopping people away, and sucking people's blood. It regenerates itself with iron in (peoples) blood!
Zabza chops away crisply.

Santa Yanmanaka: (shin(mind)-ten(transfer)-shin(body), 'release')
Ensui: (please, we count on you, Kakashi-san!!)
Kakashi: (good! They aren't noticing! We seized initiative! It's Our game!)
Kakashi takes zabza's rear but then haku comes on the front to get stubbed in the his heart.
Kakashi: !!
Haku grabs kakashi's arm.

Kabuto seeing the Othello board: (against a large number of enemies, zabuza's kirigakure no jutsu is needed…the other can just be the shields. Haku protecting zabuza as though his life….kuku(laugh)…although he’s no more than a doll now…must be quite an interesting performance at the battle field, I guess.)

Zabza tries to chop both kakashi and Haku off.
"The forgiven ill will!! Zabuza to hit kakashi along with haku…! "
the end of the chap★サーセイ

getting more interesting, isn't it!!
Credits: Ohana, saladesu
Status: Confirmed

Chapter 523 The Seven Legendary Ninja Swordsmen!!
Cover - Momochi Zabuza

Ringo Ameyuri (person with the turban like thing)
Kuriarare Kushimaru (person with the mask)
Hoozuki Mangetsu (Looks a bit like Suigetsu)
Munashi Jinpachi (Left eye hidden by an eyepatch or hair)
Suikazan Fubuki (Fat dude)
Akebino Jinin (person with the topknot like thing [Shikamaru hairstyle])

Suigetsu (re the revival of seven swordsmen): Right now, the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist consists of just that one kid Choujurou... There was a tradition of passing down the Ninja swords from generation to generation, but right now all of them are gone except for Hiramekarei... Eve if we take it that the long sword Samehada is in the possession of Kisame, he's a missing-nin... And we lost Kubikiri Houchou after all we went through to get it. Right now we're essentially a non-existent unit.
Suigetsu: And there are other swords, and history tells the tales of many other great swordsmen apart from Kisame, Zabuza and Choujurou
[as Suigetsu mentions them, the respective characters are shown slashing the ninja]
The sharpest of them, carrying with it thunder - Thunder Sword "Kiba" (TN: fang) - wielder is Ringo
That which breaks through any guard - dull sword "Kabutowari" (TN: helmet breaker) - wielder is Akebino
That which pierces through everything and sews it up - long sword "Nuibari" (TN: sewing needle) - wielder is Kuriarare
Adding on the power of explosives to one's swordsmanship - explosive sword "Shibuki" (TN: spray) - wielder is Munashi
And just like Hoshigaki Kisame, he had wielded the long sword Samehada, Suikazan Fubuki (has no sword)
And... A master of all those seven swords... My brother, said to be the second coming of the demon himself, Hoozuki Mangetsu (has no sword)

Juugou: The sword you wielded broke, right... Instead of that one, why not just make a new one?
Suigetsu: You know nothing... There is a certain power to that sword. Kubikiri Houchou's edge will not chip... No... It would be more accurate to say that any chips on its edge will be fixed...
That which slashes and tears up humans, as it absorbs more and more human blood, it regenerates itself using the iron in the blood!

It appears the whole back-up squad is made of people of the Nara clan, all with Shikamaru-style hair and all can do kagemane.

One ninja says that to stop Edo Tensei they need to basically stop the body moving or seal the soul, and that apart from Zabuza none of them have swords so the rest of them have their powers halved. But Kakashi thinks to himself that they do have swords, and true enough when Mangetsu opens a scroll, a sword comes out. Gai points out that with the mist they can't see, and since they are skilled in silent assassination, they can't just rely on their ears either.

Back-up squad readies Kagemane
Kakashi finishes off the seal: Alright! Back-up team, use Kagemane to bind me lightly and allow me freedom of movement still!
Back-up: Got it!
Kakashi: Yamanaka-san, use Shintenshin to change with me
Yamanaka: Got it
Kakashi: And while sensing the enemy, use Kagemane to lead me to a place where I can see the enemy... Do your best to place me behind them. We will get Zabuza first! Once we have him in view, Yamanaka will release Shintenshin and return me to my own body, and while I fight Zabuza, I will step on his shadow and make my shadow one with his! When that happens, back-up team use Kagenui and do your best to restrain him!
Kakashi walks forth with a raikiri in his hand

Yamanaka releases Shintenshin
Kakashi gets to Zabuza's back, but Haku appears in front and has his heart pierced
Kakashi: !!
Haku grabs Kakashi's arms

Zabuza tries to slash each Haku
Aori: Malice which cannot be forgiven!! Zabuza slashes Haku and Kakashi at the same time...!!

Sasuke and Itachi do not make any appearance.

(Ohana notes that this is all over the place)
First page is the 7 ninja swordsmens' names and faces
Suigetsu and Juugo are searching for swords.
Juugo says something along the lines of "Why are you so picky?"
Suigetsu: Because I want the 7 Ninja Swordsmen to be revived and to become the leader of the 7

Page changes
Kakashi Team vs Zabuza Team
Kakashi Team say that they can't possibly wait for another team (allies to back them up)
So they all attack.
Yamanaka-san (TN: the "santa" is probably just a wordplay smush since Christmas was just a few weeks ago) and the shadow binding ninja (TN: Nara Shikaku?) cooperate with Kakashi to fight Zabuza

Kakashi finds an opening and pierces Haku's heart but
Zabuza too is about to try and cut Haku, and just there the chapter ends

Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia Oleh Vebyo Arson untuk Bocoran Naruto 523 :

Sasuke dan Itachi ternyata tidak muncul

Dicover depannya ada gambar 7 pendekar pedang legendaris disertai nama dan wajahnya

Suigetsu dan Juugo sedang mencari pedang

Juugo mengatakan sesuatu kepada Suigetsu "Kenapa kau ini terlalu memilih-milih?"
Suigetsu: Karena aku ingin ketujuh pendekar pedang dihidupkan kembali dan akulah menjadi pemimpin diantara mereka

berganti skenario

Tim Kakashi melawan Tim Zabuza
tim Kakashi mengatakan kalau kita tidak dapat menunggu bantuan datang untuk membantu mereka. Jadi otomatis mereka semua harus bertarung
Kakashi mendapatkan peluang lalu menyerang menembus jantung Haku
Zabuza membantu memotong Haku (kog aneh ya?) begitulah akhir ceritanya di chapter 523.


Tunjukan rasa terima kasihmu dengan menekan tombol dibawah ini dan membagikannya ketemanmu yang lain lewat facebook

hitsuke Thanks

Credits: Shonensuki
Status: Pending

Happy New Year~

Perhaps a fake spoiler?
If I'm not mistaken, Suigetsu searches for a new sword, but...

This time, it's Kakashi's team vs. the Seven Swordsmen
Yamanaka Santa and Kakashi switch places fighting Zabuza

Yamanaka Santa might be a misspelling of Yamanaka-san (Inoichi). Ohana wrote Suigetsu wrong too

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