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Thursday, October 21, 2010

One Piece 601 RAW and Spoilers

Baca One Piece 601 - Raw dan Spoilers

Verification: confirmed
Credits: Ohana
Source: 2ch
Translate: Aohige
Chapter 601 Romance Dawn for the New World
Cover is Nami and an egret (the swindler bird in Alabasta) playing poker
Page 1:
Grove 46
Sentoumaru: Luffy, you really have changed do you?
Fake luffy: !!!!!!!!!
Sentoumaru: So you had recruit these nonsense crew, I’ll take you to our boss and plan for your execution
Fake Luffy’s crew: Captain Luffy, do something…!!!
Fake luffy: Shut up fools!
Fake Sogeking: Captain let’s kill his fat ***
Page 2:
Brooke: Yohohohoho!!! (Luffy wait for me, our new voyage will be starting very Soooon!!!!!)
Marines: get him!!
Brooke: Femurata Flanc!!!
Marines: I can’t control it… I love you Brooke-sama!!!!
Brooke: Brink Bond Avant!!
(it seems that brooke vanished instantly)
Marines: Where’s Brooke? Find him!!!
Page 3:
Brooke: Yohohohoho!!!!
(Brooke is seen to one of the flyingfish riders on the sky… don’t know the name.. sorry!)
Flyingfish rider: oh! Are you brooke? Shakky told me that your ship and crewmates will be on grove 42
Brooke: oh! Thank you… Ok, im going now…
Flying fish rider: oh wait, you can ride with me
Brooke: Yohohohoho!! Im just kidding…
Page 4:
Thousand sunny ship
Usopp: Whaaaaaaaaatttttttttt????????!!!!!!!!!!
Robin: (smile) what’s wrong long nose-kun?
Nami: yeah! We have gotten changed a lot Usopp, don’t worry, we can defeat those guys!
Usopp: I’m still not ready… I still need to get my costume… (What would be my entrance? Hmmmm?? King of the snipers has return!! I love that!)
Chopper: Usopp, I already thought about my screen name!!
Franky: we’re suppppeerr near!! Be ready supppeerrr crewww has returned!!
Name/Usopp/chopper/robin: yes!!
Rayleigh: tsktsk
Page 5:
Meanwhile, Sanji and zoro seems notice the real straw hat luffy, they saw sentoumaru with the 2 px’s
Sanji: oh no! Captain!!! Let’s help him!!
Zoro: Wait! Shit Chef, our captain doesn’t want to expose us yet…
Sanji: how do you say so marimo?!
Zoro: look!
(Luffy didn’t fight and just seeing the argument between fake luffy and sentoumaru)
Page 6:
Luffy: Oh, I almost forgot… my crew is waiting… I’ve got to go!!
Sentoumaru: (talking to luffy who is running away) Oh, look at your crewmate… scared already?! Well, Rookiiess!!
Fake Luffy: Oi fatty asshole, you want a fight… Let’s go Strawhat pirates!
Fake luffy’s crew: Let’s go captain!!
Sanji: Hey marimo, luffy Is running now… let’s follow him…
Zoro: I know, don’t command me shit chef!
Page 7:
Luffy: Wait for me, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brooke, our reunion, Our Reunion, I can feel our reunion now! Can’t wait to see you guys again…
Zoro: Luffy!!
Sanji: Luffy!!!
Luffy: Oh, those fake zoro and sanji again… what a pain in the ass….
Sanji: Darnit, he said we’re fakes!!
Zoro: he doesn’t listen because you look like fake shitty cook… your eyebrow seems changed ei?
Sanji: Darn it! (Those newkamas turned me like this!)…
Page 8:
Sentoumaru: What’s wrong Luffy? Can’t fight already??
Fake luffy: cough*cough*
Marine: Sir… it seems that he is not strawhat luffy, he is Demaro Black!!!
Sentoumaru: what is his bounty?
Marine: 26 million beri
Sentoumaru: Oh well! I’ve already thought of that as well!! PX’s take the caribou and coriboo bro’s!
Page 9:
Grove 42:
Rayleigh: I can’t believe it, usopp, you knew about Haki?
Usopp: yes, Heracles, my teacher, teach me about that… the color of Observation!!
Chopper: whaaaaat!! I wanna learn that too!!
Page 10:
Sentoumaru: (thought about the guy who ran away and the two guys who followed him) Oh! Wait! PX’s leave those rookies to the marines… let’s go to grove 42!!
PX-5: …..
Sentoumaru: (I am close to be tricked by those fakes… Luffy… I got you now!!)
Page 11:
Rayleigh: I never thought that he lives there, well nice for him to teach you about that… no surprise!!
Robin: good for you long nose-kun
Nami: so that’s why you became manly at the bar ei…
Rayleigh: Everyone, be ready, someone’s coming…
Usopp: Yes, they are 6!!!!
Page 12:
Brooke: Are we there yet?
Flying fish rider: Not yet…
Brooke: ok, well then, im going to sing, another song!!! Yohohohohohoho!!!
Meanwhile the fake strawhats seems to be beaten up by the crews they recruited.
Page 13:
Sanji: Luuuufffyyyyy~!!!!!
Luffy: ooohhh!! Sanji!! And zoro too??
Zoro: yes! How dare you thought as fakes… darn captain!
Luffy: oh sorry, two years had passed, it seems that both of you are starting to like each other..
Zoro and Sanji: shut-up!!!
Luffy: we need to get hurry
Sanji: Luffy, Franky told me that the new rendezvous for our new voyage will be on grove 42.
Luffy: let’s go!!
Page 14:
Grove 42:
Brooke: thank you… I have to go now; I see the boat up from here…
Flying fish rider: you should be now; your music really pains my ears!!
Brooke: yohohohohoho!!!
Flying fish rider: becareful jumping down… oh! He vanished again! Oh well… he really become that fast after 2 years
Page 15:
Brooke: Everyone!!!!
Franky: you hear someone calling us…
Nami: where?
Robin: up there…
Chopper: oh… Brooke!!!
Franky: you really made me proud… our musician has back!
Usopp: Brooke… Soul King Brooke!!
Page 16:
PX-5: (shoot a beam to luffy from the back)
Luffy: darnit, I don’t have time for you… gear second… Jet Pistol!!!!
Another PX appeared
Zoro slice the PX in to two and Sanji kick its head
Zoro: Shitty cook, you’re covering my action!
Page 17:
Rayleigh: Luffy is here now…
Nami / Usopp / Robin / Chopper / Franky / Brooke: Captain!!!!
It seems that Nami, usopp, robin, chopper, franky and brooke noticed sanji and zoro as well… with teary eyes, they are all happy to see each other again
Page 18:
Rayleigh: I’m impressed of what you have gained now luffy… this is your two years of training
Shakky: Now that all of you are here today… We can leave you now
Luffy: Rayleigh~~!!!!! IM GOING TO BECOME THE PIRATE KING!!!!!!!!!!
Rayleigh seemed to have tears with his eyes… and shaky just smile
Sentoumaru: Hold on… Strawhats!!!!!
Finally, REMATCH draws near…

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