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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Naruto 513 Spoilers and Summaries

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Credits: TakL
Status: Confirmed

Super Brief Translation by Rumas

To cross the waters Aka-tsuchi has Tsuchikage rise his body into the air. As its the first flight in a long time, he is in high spirits.
Kuro-tsuchi would love to make merry too but that would be too much... she restrains herself.

Above the sea
Kabuto puts a kunai and a tag into the awakening Daydoras head. it appears that he's using a different tag than orochimarus, as he says 'i wont completely bind you.' Daydaras eyes are looking kinda bloodshot.

Daydara is thankful to Kabuto for bringing him around so that he can challenge a new height of art and Kabuto gets him with saying ‘your last moment explosion isn’t much talked about.’

Back to Naruto and co.
They are queuing animals. In case Akatsuki should get here they shelter the animals inside of the giant turtle.
However they told naruto a fib that it was an ecological research with the thoughts that this war is to defend Naruto as well (as the nin world) and that if naruto wasn’t kept in the dark about it, he would rush out.

Kabuto comes close to where the giant turtle is. However, a punch of Tsuchikage who was lurking at there goes through his body. Then Tsuchikage sees it was a clone. 'whats the game with this bird(of clay) and Daydara?' He questions.
'they are almost the originals.' answers Kabuto. Then Daydara gets the back of Tsuchikage. No sooner than Daydara greets Tsuchikage with 'its been a long time since i saw you last', a sudden explosion greets him too.

Naruto and co go on with the research. In the middle of the work, the shinobi who is friends with Bee (Motoi. Ruma n ohana, learn the name already!) senses something nonhuman approaching the place.

Tsuchikage again.
Although having been blown up the Tsuchikage wasn't the McCoy but a rock clone by Aka-tsuchi. Kuro-tsuchi and Aka-tsuchi ask Daydara how come he's still around.
Although it seems as if it was revived on edotensei, yet its not the real Daydara. 'He gives us trouble even after the death' says Tsuchikage. 'You've done in by a greenhorn of Konoha, and yet you come back like a sucker to expose yourself to ridicule...'
'Sasuke was certainly done by me! You are the next, you looked down on my art, you dotard' retorts Daydara.
From these words Tsuchikage discovers that Daydara doesn’t know a thing and says 'Ill catch you'
to Tsuchikage Kabuto says 'do you mean to stop us this way? As if wed come here without a preparation?'
Then, the odd thing sensed from a while ago, a giant snake takes a bit at the giant tortoise in the sea. The giant tortoise cries out in spite of itself.
Hearing the scream, 'we're off to there.' says Kabuto. 'Why's that?' Daydara objects to it but the body doesnt. Tsuchikage chases after the two.
The bite makes the giant tortoise run amuck. Naruto on it believes it to be an earthquake.
The giant snake is the second Manda which cells were activated with every chemical. It surpasses the original in the size, the strength and the sensitivity.
Kabuto finds the giant turtle. Tells Daydara that there naruto is and asks him for a big one.
The giant turtle was twined around by Manda. Under the belly Daydara's huge clay jellyfish appears to explode. turned upside down it can't move at all.
Inside of it is upside down as well and naruto and others fall down to the former ceiling which is the floor now. They are protected by Yamato with his Nativity of the sea of trees.
Naruto still keeps on with the research thinking it was an earthquake and Yamato shouts at him 'how can you do the eco research at a time like this!' without realizing it. (He is realizing what is going on the outside.)
'Something must have happened in the outside' bees friend says to him 'still, lets pass it off as an earthquake and keep the two inside at any cost'

Daydara and co land on the tortoise belly. Leaving the 8b and 9b to Kabuto, 'Ill fight against Tsuchikage n co' says Daydara. There Tsuchikage arrives. Seeing his face Daydara goes 'Hot! The old man's fucking pissed off!'
'Surely you aint forgetting how terrible i am...' says Tsuchikage, while crafting a jutsu with both hands forming a triangle and the blood vessels swollen and embossed. To be continued.

513 Kabuto vs Tsuchikage!!

Kuro-tsuchi, Aka-tsuchi and Tsuchikage, flying through the air on Tsuchikages jutsu

Kabuto opens Daydaras head with a kunai, and takes out some tag? or something.
Kabuto: im using a tag different from Orochimaru-samas for you. Im not going to restrict you, Daydara. Beside, I have no idea of art.
Daydara: why yea, my art can no way be easily comprehended. Yep.
Kabuto: Oh, that reminds me. your last moment explosion...people arent talking about it much.
Daydara: So I said! It aint easy to understand, i said. Things like it take time, ya know. y... yep

Naruto queues animals. Bee and a squid are gambolling about.
Bees friend (Motoi) shelters all the animals in the shell of the huge tortoise.
Crow user (Aoba): thankfully Naruto seems motivated for he was told this to be an ecological research and brought here.
Yamato: if Naruto finds out about the war, it will wreck havoc. Basically he wont stay quiet. We have to evade it if its the last thing we do. As this is a war to protect Naruto.

Kabuto: the coordinates are around here but it(the island) has moved.
Tsuchikage throws a sudden punch at Kabuto.
Kabuto: how unexpected to see Tsuchikage for a starter waylaying me.
Tsuchikage: what are this bird and Daydara doing here?
What Tsuchikage punched was a clay-cloned kabuto, and is melting away.
Daydara: long time no see, old O-noki.
This Daydara is a clay clone as well.
Real Daydara and Kabuto are near on the bird.
‘Katt!!’ There Daydara blows up the clone.

Naruto cant tell whether an armadillo is male or female and asks Bee.
Bee: this is one shy armadillo♪ Sexing it is outrageous♪
Naruto: this is an ecological research!
Bee gets quiet: then say it’s she and cook up the report♪
Naruto: the writing on the back of the armadillo says ‘man’ tho. can you ask him? Ossan (uncle/old buddy), you’re the boss of this place, aren’t you?
Bee listens to him and goes ask the armadillo.
Bee: the privates are privacy♪
Naruto: This sure is a mission worthy the S rank~~~is this?!!
Bee: even if sex happened to get reversed, yo, it wouldn't turn the world upside down, would it, you bitch, you fucker!
Under the water there is a giant snake...bees friend senses something unusual.
So does the giant squid in the sea.

The clone Daydara was exploded and the Tsuchikage nearby it was an Akatsuchi's clay clone.

They exchange words like why still alive? And such.
Daydara: I certainly killed sasuke uchiha!!
Tsuchikage: (you seem to know nothing... Daydara.)
Kabuto: as if we'd come around here without preparing anything?

Bees friend: have they found the place already?
A huge snake bites the tail of the giant turtle. The turtle screams.
The scream discloses where the island is.
Kabuto and Daydara dash off followed by Tsuchikage and co.

the island shakes. Naruto believes it to be an earthquake.
The snake won’t let go of the turtle’s tail.
Kabuto: (by every means of medicine/chemical and~~~the second Manda beats the original Manda in the size, in the strength and in the sensor ability!)
Daydara is surprised to see the island. Kabuto: its not an island but a giant tortoise. And 8b and 9b are there.
Daydara: that fucking naruto is there, you say! Yep!
Kabuto: ill stop the island from moving. Daydara, give the biggest one, please.

The second Manda lands on the island.

Under the sea jellyfishes Daydara made are underneath the turtle.

Daydara sets them off.
The animals are knocked over as well.
Yamato: moku-ton, the sea of trees Nativity!!
He brings out a lot of woods to cushion up the animals.
Naruto: a tremendous earthquake, datteba-yo!
Bee: the world did turn upside down , bitches, fuckers
looking at the overturned armadillo naruto goes 'a male is male..'
Yamato: This is no time for ecological researches!
Bees friend: something must have happened outside but for now let pass it off as an earthquake, please!

Kabuto comes on shore.
Daydara: I will do them. i am in debt for many things too.
Tsuchikage : Daydara, you don’t say you forget
Daydara: Woops, the old man’s gone bananas.
Tsuchikage: how formidable i am do you...?
Tsuchikage is making something like a cello in his hands.

The strongest old nin in a rage!!

The end of the chap★

Credits: Saladesu
Status: Confirmed

513 Kabuto vs Tsuchikage

With the Tsuchikage's jutsu, Kurotsuchi, Akatsuchi and Tsuchikage take off into the sky.

Kabuto opens Deidara's head with a kunai and does ? with ? (TN: yes the ? are there in the Japanese spoiler)
Kabuto: I'm using a different talisman from Orochimaru-sama. I won't restrict you, Deidara. I don't even understand fine arts
Deidara: That's okay, there's no way you could understand my fine art that easily, yeah
Kabuto: Yeah. Anyway, the explosion you set off right before you died... It became quite the topic of discussion
Deidara: I told you, didn't I? You can't understand it that easily. To that that would take time. Ye... Yeah.

Naruto makes all the animals line up in a row, to the amusement of Guy and Bee.
Bee's friend: We'll have all the animals take shelter in the big turtle's shell
Aoba: Since we told him we were here to do a survey on the ecology, he'll probably want to do this
Yamato: If Naruto gets wind of the war, it won't be good. He isn't going to stay silent if we don't prevent him from finding out. After all, it's a war to protect Naruto himself.

Kabuto: About the coordinates of this place... They're shifting, aren't they
Tsuchikage suddenly punches Kabuto
Kabuto: Launching an ambush on me, are we, Tsuchikage?
Tsuchikage: Why do you have this bird and Deidara?
What Tsuchikage had punched was a clay bunshin of Kabuto, which then breaks apart
Deidara: It's been a while, Old man Oonoki. This Deidara here's a clay bunshin too
Next to them is a bird with the real Deidara and kabuto
Then Deidara goes "Katsu!!" and the bunshin explodes!!

Naurto can't tell if an armadillo is male or female so goes to ask Bee
Bee: The armadillo's a shy one ♪ It isn't proper to check its sex ♪
Naruto: But this is an ecology survey!
Bee: I'll keep quiet about this so you just go report that it's a female ♪
Naruto: But it's written on the armadillo's back that it's a male. Go ask that old man. He's the boss of this palce right?
Bee: I'll lend a listening ear and ask the armadillo
Bee: Private is privacy ♪
Naruto: No wonder this is an S-rank mission~~~!!
Bee: Even if the sex has been reversed YO it's not like the world has been turned upside down. What an idiot, this bastard!
In the water there is a huge snake... Bee's friend senses the abnormality
The huge squid in the sea also senses it

Deidara has exploded the bunshin. The tsuchikage next to him had been a clay bunshin made by Akatsuchi
"Why are you alive" and other aori
Deidara: I was supposed to have killed Sasuke!!
Tsuchikage: (It seems like you don't know anything... Deidara)
Kabuto: It couldn't be that it came here without us doing anything?

Bee's friend: Has this location been found out already?
The big snake bites the big turtle's tail, turtle screams
At that sound, the location of the island has been revealed
Kabuto, Deidara fly there in a hurry, with tsuchikage hot on their heels

The island rocks, Naruto thinks its an earthquake
The snake won't let go of the turtle's tail
Kabuto: (Using all types of medicines on Manda's cells~~~ That is the 2nd Generation Manda. It surpasses the original Manda in size, strength and perception!
Deidara gets a shock when he sees the island
Kabuto: It isn't an island, it's on a turtle. And in there wait the Hachibi and Kyuubi
Deidara: You mean that Naruto guy's in there! Yeah!
Kabuto: I'm going to stop the shaking of the island. Deidara, the biggest one please

The 2nd gen Manda gets onto the island

In the sea, the jellyfish Deidara made is below the turtle

Deidara: I'm going to explode it

All the animals have been flipped on their backs too
Yamato: Mokuton: Jukai Kotan (birth of a sea of trees)!!
He calls forth a whole lot of trees to form a cushion for the animals
Naruto: This is some crazy earthquake
Bee: The world is really turning upside down. What an idiot, this bastard!
Naruto looks at the flipped-over Armadillo. It was a male after all.
Yamato: This is hardly the time to be carrying out an ecology survey---!!
Bee's friend: It's definite that something is happening out there. But please play along with him about this being an earthquake!

Kabuto lands on the island
Deidara: I'll handle those guys. I have some debts to pay off
Tsuichikage: Deidara, you should know how dreadful I can be...
Deidara: Oh crap, the old man's snapped
Tsuchikage: You haven't forgotten, have you
Tsuchikage makes something like a cero in his two hands (TN: for non-bleach fans, a cero is like some bullet of light)

The strongest elderly shinobi's livid!!

Credit: Ghost of madara
Status: Confirmed

According to the spoiler, the big snake is the Nidaime Manda who is bigger and stronger than the Shodai. Deidara believes he killed Sasuke and wonders why he's alive right now. He calls tsuchikage old man/grandpa and Kurotsuchi comes along with tsuchikage. Deidara also keeps his personality when talking to Kabuto. Tsuchikage uses a Cero-like technique at the end.

Tsuchikage knows that what Kabuto is using is Edo Tensei. Deidara uses a an exploding clay bunshin on tsuchikage when he thinks he came across the real Kabuto and Deidara. Kabuto tells Deidara that further ahead is where Kyuubi and Hachibi are. Deidara says that he will take care of them because he has a score to settle with Naruto, but tsuchikage says otherwise. Deidara says now it looks bad because it looks like he pissed off the old man/grandpa. That's when tsuchikage uses the Cero, and it ends.

Forgive me, it also says Akatsuchi comes with tsuchilage as well as Kurotsuchi in the beginning of the chapter. Killer Bee and then Naruto are rapping/talking about armadillo(s) and something else which may be relevant.

and also from Yasya

Kabuto used Manda's cells to create it (Nidaime Manda). It's said to be bigger, stronger and have a greater sensing ability than the original Manda.

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