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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Naruto 512 Spoilers and Summaries

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Translation by Saladesu
512 the truth of Zetsu!

Bee chases after the scroll shark but to no avail.
Gai is lying down. That makes naruto worry. There are beaten sharks all over the ground.
naruto touches Gai and Gai is agonized.
'The aftereffect of 8 gates is hurting him' says Yamato.
Naruto at once takes his hand off of Gai and Gai is in pain. 'Gently does it! gently!!' says Yamato.
'The Water prison jutsu hindered me from corresponding quite a bit.' Says Bees friend(Motoi?). He writes a letter and calls up a bird.
The bird flies with the letter.
'We must move naruto and bee!' Says the crow user from konoha (Aoba?)
Bee comes back. 'off luck~, fucka~♪ '
'We'll keep Naruto and bee in this island. the island is not on the map. Its none other than a moving fortress.'

Gai's kuchiyose turtle is talking with a huge turtle.
'Its a giant turtle kumogakure has kept from ancient times. (the island bee n naruto stay is the back on the turtle.)
'And naruto was told that this (mission) is a research on the ecosystem of this island. Moving from the island would cast doubts about that.' says Bees friend.

'I'll go to 9b and 8bs.s an opportunity to win your confidence in me. The first hokage is also a target for my experiments. if no, zetsu's body will do.' Says Kabuchi.
'You seem to have investigated many things.' Says madara.
'Kisames info tells that the strength of the Allied Forces is eighty thousand, While our main force is this Zetsu, isnt it?
The materials I gathered for my study and my knowledge can strengthen Zetsu further. If you take me to there.'
'When u fetch me 9b ill give you a zetsu body. Follow me.' says Madara.
He opens the door and there is Gedo Mazo...passing it they go down the stairs.
Kabuchi: this is...
Madara: it is. This is alive.
From the wall Hashirama 'slimily' appears.
Madara: this is the first hokage, Hashirama Senju. That said, this is merely a body cultured from the cells i snatched from the guy. It doesnt have the mind.

At the headquarters of the Allies. There are lots of shinobis.
Tuchikage : who'd have thought our info would be leaked at this point.
Tunade: whats about the island? Its movability isnt in itself a guarantee of safety.
Raikage: its hidden in clouds. At any rate the enemy cant find it.
Gaara: however, Kisame must have located the coordinates on the map. Even when it moves, Theyd search every nook and cranny for it.
Kifune(the head of iron samurais):We shall send reinforcements. just a few as theres no point in moving a big party to be obvious to the enemy.

The water is dripping. a cave?
Kabuchi: this is magnificent.
Madara: there are also demerits. To create this much, I had to use some chakra inside of Mazo id rather retain as intact as possible. A setback of 10b resurrection means a delay to my plan.
Kabuchi: About how many are these?
Madara: approx a 100 thousand they are. (all white Zetsus packed bolt upright.)

Tsuchikage: (regarding the reinforcement) im going!!
Gaara stops him.
'My lower back is blah blah blah' Tsuchikage goes yea and nay.
'You can travel fast on Sand.' Says Gaara.

Kabuchi: anyhoo, you can chill out.
Kabuchi gets on a Daydara's bird alongside Daydara.

On the eve of the Great War. Power thirsty Kabuto is closing in.
End of the chap.

(Kabuto seems to head narutos with Daidara. Daydara hasnt said a word yet tho.)

Credits: Ohana
StatusConfirmed (since it's Ohana but it could be fake)

Translation for the first line by Yagami1211

This week's chapter seems interesting.

I just saw some pages but, there are a LOT of zetsu's ( At least 100k ).

It seems Hashirama is alive !!! O_o
Kabuchimaru says he will go himself capture the Kyuubi.

Chapter 512 : Zetsu's Truth !

Bee tried to get the scroll from the shark but lost him.
Guy falls on the floor and Naruto is worried about him.
Naruto touches Guy but Guy faints in agony.
The 8 Eight Gates opening makes your pain tenfold.
Naruto put some distance between Guy and him. Guy loses consciousness.

Yamato writes a letter that says "Intelligence got out" or something.
A bird take the letter.
Bee and Naruto must not leave the island says Aoba. Bee come back !
Bee : "No way ! Mozafucka !"
Naruto and Bee are going around the island, without map.
The island is said to be moving itself.
Guy's tortoise is talking with a big bird.
The bird is from The Cloud Village.
( The island that Naruto & Bee are on, is on the bird's back ) ( Seriously, Ohana ? )
The island is a creature itself ?


Kabuto : I will go to Hachibi and Kyuubi. This is a perfect chance for you to trust me. After all, Shodai Hokage is the target of my experiment.
If it fails, You don't have to use Zetsu.

Madara : You sure talks a lot.
In the intel Kisame got to us, he says The Alliance's army is around 80 000 soldiers.
But our military number is just Zetsu.
I'm confident that with the infos we got and the researchs we did, We can make Zetsu stronger. If you take him with you of course.
If Kyuubi capture fail, have Zetsu creating one body. follow me.

Madara opens the door, behind is Gedou Mazou.
Kabuto : What the ...
Madara : Yes.
On the wall, there is something that seems like a slimy Hashirama.
Madara : Shodai Hokage Senju Hashirama.
To be precise, This is something I created from the cells of the man. Make no mistake, he's my guinea pig, it's a lifeless doll.

Alliance Army HQ :
There are a lot of ninjas.

Tsuchikage : To think we lost intelligence.
Tsunade : What about the island ? I know it's moving around but we can't rest.
Raikage : The island can't be seen from Kumo. The enemy will never find it.
Gaara : But Kisame probably told his boss about the wereabout of the island. It's moving all right, but not that fast.
Kifune : We must dispatch reiforcements. If they manage to find the island, we're screwed.

More to come, sorry if that doesn't make any sense, I can't figure myself.

Credits: Ohana
Status: Confirmed (since it's Ohana but it could be fake)



512 ゼツの真実!

倒れてるガイ。心配するナルト そこらじゅう鮫が倒れてる
ナルト、パッと離し 痛がるガイ そっとね!そっと!!とヤマト
ビー戻ってくる 駄目だったぜ~このやろ~♪

それにナルトにはこの島の生態調査と言ってある 島からの移動は怪しまれる。とビー友

九尾と八尾の所は僕が行く。信頼してもらうにはいいチャンスだ。初代火影も僕の実験のターゲッ トだ。
キサメの情報からは連合軍の兵力は8万 だがこちらの兵力の要はこのゼツなんだろう?
ぼくの集めた研究材料と知識があれrば確実にゼツをさらに強く出来る。 そこへ連れて行ってく れればね
扉を開けると外道魔像が。。。 その前を通りかいだんを降りていく
カブチ これは
マダラ そうだ これは生きてる
マダラ 初代火影千手柱間だ といっても奴から奪い取った生きた細胞を培養したものにすぎない 意識はない

土影 ここに来て情報がもれるとはな
ツナデ 島はどうする?移動出来る島といっても安心は出来ん
雷影 雲で見えん 敵にはまず見つからん
ガーラ だがキサが地図に島の座標を示しているはずだ 移動したとしても隈なく探すはず
キフネ 増援を送るでござる 大勢で移動し敵に見つかっては意味がない少数を

カブチ これは凄い
mダラ ただしリスクもある これだけのものを作るのに魔像のなかのチャクラを使ってしまった
なるべく温存しておきたい 十尾復活が遠のけば 俺の計画の遅延を意味する
カブチ これ どのくらいだ?
マダラ ざっと10万だ。 (全部白ゼツ。ギッシリ棒立ち)

土影 (増援には)ワシが行く!!
腰が~ とあーでもないこーでもないと土影

カブチ まあ君たちはゆっくりしてなよ

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