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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bleach 424 Spoilers and Predictions

Komik Bleach 424 Bahasa Indonesia dirilis minggu depan, dibawah ini adalah prediksinya, read Bleach 424
by: Kurogasa

Bleach 424: Goodbye Halcyon Days, Redux

"Today's that day...the same day when I met...her. Three years, huh? It feels like yesterday..."

We see Ichigo lying on his back. He is in the Karakura graveyard, cushioned by a patch of verdant grass. His hands are behind his head as he stares wistfully into the azure sky. Suddenly, a face, its details obscured by shadow, pops into his view, rather close to his own face. A low voice comes from the figure. "Kurosaki-kun?"


The noise startles the figure, which takes a step back. Ichigo himself quickly sits upward and comically scrambles back, only to see Orihime. He breathes a sigh of relief.

"Oh, it's just you, Inoue...geez, don't surprise me like that! You nearly gave me a heart attack."

Orihime, at seeing the look on his face, can't help but giggle.

"Heehee, I'm sorry! I just came to bring my brother some flowers and noticed someone in the distance, just laying there on the grass...I saw the orange hair and figured it had to be you."

Ichigo scratches the back of his head in that usual manner of his.


"So, what brings you down here? Did you come to visit your mother?"

Ichigo nods, then looks over at his mother's tombstone.

"Yeah, and this place...reminded me of something."

We see a short flasback panel of Ichigo standing in front his mother's grave, asking Rukia to allow him to be a shinigami a bit longer. She sits in a tree overlooking him and smiles.

At that point, Orihime's voice rouses him from his reverie.

"Oh...that's today, isn't it? The day you met..."

Ichigo allows himself a small, pensive smile.

"Rukia, yeah."

The two are quiet for a few moments, each looking at the ground, before Ichigo breaks the silence.

"...Have you talked to her recently?"

"Not since the last time I told you, which was a couple months ago...she's probably pretty busy with things in Soul Society, having finally been made a Vice Captain and all."

"Ah...yeah, I figure got a lot to d--"

At that moment, a ringing noise breaks him off mid-sentence - his cell phone. Flipping it open, he answers tentatively.


A deep voice comes through on the phone's earpiece.

"Ichigo...there's trouble."


Ichigo listens for a moment on the phone. His eyes widen in disbelief.


Ichigo sits there on the grass, the phone held to his ears, while Orihime looks on worriedly.

Side Text: A shocking revelation!! What could it be?


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