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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Naruto 505 Spoiler RAW and Summaries

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Credits: Ohana
Status: Confirmed

I Wonder Why I just Dont Write Naruto. (That's what It says )

Naruto talks to bee (Assuming he has left the "Arena")

Naruto Show's his "Super Saiyan" Powers (It actually says Super Saiyan, But We can Assue it's the 9 Tails)

Kisame is still in hiding (Come's out? Or his Chakra is detectable now)

Guy appears at the waterfall of truth.

Guy:You are a formidable Animal! (Kisame, I guess he appear's then)

Next week Guy VS Kisame

More From Ohana
Naruto can already use the Shunshin no Jutsu. [Clarafication of Body Flicker and Flying Thunder God

They are two seperate jutsu. The Body Flicker is known as the Shunshin no Jutsu and is a D rank jutsu while Flying Thunder God is Hiraishin no jutsu and is a S rank. The Body Flicker allows the user to disappear and reappear almost instantly (normally through the use of an element) and is seen a few times in the manga and anime. For example, when Haku takes Zabuza away after the first encounter with Team Seven, he disappears through swirling leaves, that is the Shunshin no Jutsu. Gaara also does the samething with his sand.

The Hiraishin no Jutsu moves much faster than the Shunshin. A key difference is that a special seal (Jutsu-shiki) is needed for the Hiraishin. The concept behind this technique is similiar to the Kuchiyose no Jutsu. Using the seal the Yondaime transported himself to its location. So... take a large open battlefield plus a hundred or so of his kunais spread out across the land and you got yourself a Yellow Flash.]


Naruto thinks about Kushina.
I musn't eat just ramen, vegetables too.
And I like bathing.
And I sleep plenty enough, so don't worry.
I have a lot of awesome friends, they're great. This would have been awesome if you could meet them.

It's just ... things didn't really turned out that good with one of them.
About studying well ... just don't feel sad about that.
I had a lot of teachers and senpais in academy.
About the 3 taboos ... Well ... Jiraiya already told me about that.
He taught all about living as a Shinobi. He was an awesome ninja.

I'm Uzumaki Naruto, from the Leaf Village.
My dream is to become Hokage !
and to surpass every Hokage before me.

Naruto put his fist on his chest in a manly way and say "And to become even more badass than my father !"

Naruto returns to reality.

Yamato is surprised.

Bee and Naruto does Brofist no Jutsu.

Bee does some rap.

Bee and Naruto understands each other.

Yamato understand jack shit.

Bee, his friends, Konoha's ninjas use a crow messenger it seems and talks with Gai.

Gai worries about Naruto's training.

Naruto is going to show them rather than explaining.

In his spirit world, there are something like 4 temples and a full moon. Naruto absorb the light.

In the real world, Super Naruto is born.

Yamato's Mokuto ornament beging to grow.

Naruto sense a danger.
Bee sense it too.

A face exits from the Samehada, Kisame.

Why are you still alive ?

What was that about the corpse ? ( About Zetsu )

Kisame is about to retreat.

Out of nowhere, Naruto fucking Shunshin no Jutsu Punch Kisame.

Bee : "Shunshin no Jutsu ? Batting first, huh ? This is just like the Yellow Flash, now."

Kisame vomits blood.

Naruto is not that good with Shunshin ... he falls down.
Kisame retreats and Killer Bee goes after him.

Gai is at the waterfall of truth and hear something. ( His double ? )

Dark Gai comes out.

Then Kisame comes out.

Gai : "So, this guy is my real self, huh ? I'm disappoint."

Bee : "No, this is not your real self, be careful"

Gai does an awesome jutsu "Ginger coastal" !

There comes Bee.

Gai thinks Kisame is Dark Gai.


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