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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Naruto 498 Spoiler and Summaries

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Credits/Source: Ohana - 2Ch - NF
Status: Confirmed


Sounds like Naruto inherited "Dattebayo/Believe it" from Kushina.
We'll get a flashback about Kushina & Minato's romance.
Kyuubi knows Kushina very well.

When exited or troubled he says Dattebayo.
Kushina let her hair down to the point of absurdity.
Naruto says "Dattebayo"
Kushina says "Datteba ne".

Did Kushina retrained Kyuubi ?
Yes, with chains.
Chains just popped out of nowhere. and ...
Kyuubi : "This chakra ... Kushina, huh ?"

Another translation by Lee-nus

Kushina punches Naruto in the stomach.
For instance, Kushina tales pver Naruto's favorite expression (dattebayo!).
And, the story of Yondaime and Kushina's love.
Kyuubi knows Kushina.

It seems Kushina has a special chakra.
We don't learn what her abilities are.
She was once kidnapped by Kumogakure (Cloud), being after that chakra.
When she was an academy student, she moved to Konoha from another village.
"I'll become the first female Hokage!" Saying this, she was was teased by the others.
Her nickname was "Tomato" (because of her red hair).
But turning the tables, she threw (?) tomatoes at the other party.
Alternative nickname: "Hot-blooded Habanero" (lol)
The Hot-blooded Habanero got together with the Yellow Flash of Konoha

Naruto: "I'm Konoha's orange Hokage dattebayo!"
Naruto has inherited his parents' wish.
"Now then, defeat Kyuubi!!" (Kushina?)

When she was kidnapped by Hidden Cloud, she let her hair down to not let it be known by her enemy.
The one who noticed was Minato.
The red strings of fate (her hair).
She began liking Minato.
She began liking her own hair.

But Minato holds Kushina in his arms like a princess.
Back at the Academy days, maybe?
It's a cool picture. And sweet.
The fated red hair.

Kushina's chakra gets no further explanation.
Kushina was kidnapped by the Hidden Cloud, who were after her chakra.
It appears Kushina will give her chakra to Naruto.

No talk on the Kyuubi incident yet.
Next time:
It seems Naruto wants to hear about their romance.

Naruto and Kushina joke.
They hug each other tightly.
"There's something I want to ask!" (probably Naruto)
"But first, the Kyuubi!" (probably Kushina)
Kyuubi is restrained with chains.
9b subsides.
Yamato, Bee: "?"
Naruto (?) asks about their romance.
This is the gist of it.

Text on pictures by takL

1st pic
Kushina '!'
Kushina '......'
Naruto 'for all the time'
Naruto 'all the time i wanted to see u mom tebbayo...!'
Kushina ' "ttebayo"tteka, huh
Surely you are my child..'

Yamato 'the 9b(kyuubi)nizing is stopped'
Bee '....!'
Bee 'yamato, have u done something?'
Yamato 'No... it stopped itself it seems'

2nd pic
kishina 'since then i started to like my hair...'
And above all i started to like minato very much.'
'i have important words only for the guys that praise my hair.
Naruto.....would u accept them?'
naruto '?...yep...'
Kushina 'I love you'
Naruto '....'
Kushina 'if yellow frash of konoha and red blood habanero are mixed...'
naruto 'thats orange hokage of konoha!'

4th pic
'i was fat with a round face and red hair...just like tomato.
as i myself given the nicknam could get it, it(the name) was dead on.'

5rd pic
'My beating boys nearly to death gave me another nickname red blood habanero!!'

6th pic
naruto 'that reminds me...kiba n sikamaru told me that...those called mums are dreadfully horrible.' 'Gulp!'

7th pic (from the readable 3rd panel)
Kushina 'Minato then looked a very handsom ninja.'
He impressed me as a man whod make the dreams come true
And above all he changed me...
This boring red hair of mine i used to hate
brought me the soul mate.
It turned to be the red string of fate.'

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