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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Naruto 497 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

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Source: 2ch
Status: Confirmed

With bees supports naruto fights against Nine-Tailed Beast
Bee tells naruto if u get into Nine-Tailed Beast's mind with my backup
and seize the source of chakra from Nine-Tailed Beast's mind u can use the b-jyu chakra as your own power. and it will be yours forever.

Inside Nine-Tailed Beast's mind using gigantic rasengan, rasen shuriken etc. Naruto manages to get to the front of the chakra and gets caught by Nine-Tailed Beast's hatred which is huger than expected. there Yami-Naruto (Dark Naruto) emerges again. Yamato n co support naruto and yami-naruto shouts at naruto to go away and vanish.
Then someone says 'no. u can stay here, naruto'
It's kushina (Naruto's Mother). ---To be continued.

Naruto 497 spoiler is not complete yet so
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