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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Naruto 483 - Too Late

by Numinous

483: Too Late

(Kakashi Scene)
(Kakashi arrives to Sai, Kiba and Lee’s location)
Kakashi: (thinking) So it was true, she used a sleeping powder bomb on them. (approaches them and wakes them up)
Kiba: (opens his eyes slowly) Kakashi-sensei? (gets up quickly, as the others rise up) Sai, you…!
Kakashi: Knock it off, guys.
Lee: But…
Sai: We need to find Sakura.
Kakashi: Right. Kiba, can you pick up her scent?
Kiba: She seems to be where I spotted Sasuke, although is already feign…
Kakashi: As I feared. Let’s go, lead the way Kiba.
Kiba: Alright, let’s go, Akamaru!
Akamaru: Woof! (Kiba rides Akamaru and the group moves on)

(Bridge Scene)
Sasuke: You’re as annoying as you were, back when I left Konoha…
Sakura: But I changed, Sasuke-kun! I don’t care about Konoha anymore, I realized that my place isn’t there, it’s with you, helping you with your revenge.
Sasuke: Hmpf. (turns his back on her)
Sakura: You have to believe me!
Sasuke: Do you even know what my goal is?
Sakura: No, bu-
Sasuke: I’ll destroy Konoha. (Sakura is shocked) I’m not the Sasuke you knew once. Now, or you make yourself useful or you’ll end up like her. (turns to Sakura and points to Karin)
Sakura: (looks at Karin, who as one eye opened; thinking) What’ve you done, Sasuke…? (speaking) I’m a medical nin, I can heal both of you.
Sasuke: She has no use for me anymore, leave her there. It’s better for her to die.
Karin: (thinking) Sasuke… how could you…
Sasuke: So unless you want to be disposed of, don’t get in my way, Sakura.
Sakura: Y-yes. (Madara reappears in a vortex)
Madara: What is the meaning of this?! She’s still alive and… a Konoha nin?!
Sasuke: I’m not the kind of being bossed around. Karin is totally oblivious to our plans, and Sakura will perform the same role.
Madara: (steps forwards Sakura) So your name is Sakura… first, get rid of that hideous thing on your hair.
Sakura: T-the headband? (she unties the headband and throws it to the floor) Happy?!
Madara: Quite. Second… (gets behind her and puts his face above her left shoulder) If you’re thinking you can trick us to whatever trap you and your Konoha buddies orchestrated, I’ll get rid of you. And trust me, it won’t be pretty. (a drop of sweat slides through Sakura’s face)
Sakura: I came here alone just to help Sasuke-kun.
Madara: Good girl. (steps away from her and gets closer to Sasuke) Danzou damaged Shisui’s eyes, a terrible loss.
Sasuke: That doesn’t concern me. Let’s go Sakura. (steps away)
Madara: The light of your eyes is fading away, Sasuke, and you fought two intensive battles in a row. Besides, I bet one of the Kage’s team will arrive anytime soon, after Danzou, but since you’re here, they’ll hunt you down. I don’t think you’re in any condition to fool the sensor nins.
Sasuke: I’ll only go with you to get a chance to rest.
Madara: I knew you’d come. But first… (expels Torune and Fuu from the vortex, and disappears with Sasuke and Sakura in another vortex)

(Yamato Scene)
(Yamato wakes up)
Yamato: Well, time to go back, Naruto.
Naruto: (gets up) Yes, let’s go.
Yamato: (thinking) Something’s wrong with him… (uses Mokuton on Naruto to knock him down, he disappears in a cloud of smoke) As I thought… Naruto, you knucklhead… (exits the room)

(Naruto Scene)
Naruto: Yamato-taichou knows that I got away. I must haste!

(Bridge Scene)
(Ao is picking Fuu up by his collar, Choujuurou is holding his blade near Torune’s neck and Mei is aiding Karin to get up)
Ao: (yelling to Fuu) Speak, you bastard! Where’s Danzou and the two Uchiha?
Fuu: I only know Danzou-sama is dead because Uchiha Madara captured his corpse into the dimension we were in and released it seconds later. I don’t know anything more.
Mei: We should go to the nearest town, this kunoichi needs medical attention.
(Kakashi, Kiba, Lee and Sai arrive)
Kakashi: (thinking) What the hell happened here?
Kiba: The scent trail ends here.
Sai: We’re too late.
Kakashi: I’m too late… again. (thinking) Another student of mine, gone. Why this keeps happening?
Chouujurou: Hey, isn’t that…
Ao: (drops Fuu and turns to Kakashi) The Copy Ninja, Hatake Kakashi.
Kakashi: I see my reputation precedes me. (speaks to Mei) Mizukage-dono, do you know what happened here?
Mei: (holding Karin) Not really, when me and my guards arrived only this two Konoha nin were here. They say that Danzou of Konoha is dead. Probably either Uchiha Madara or Uchiha Sasuke killed him.
Kiba: What?! Uchiha Madara? Are you nuts?
Kakashi: He’s that masked Akatsuki.
Kiba: What?! I fought Uchiha Madara? No way!
Kakashi: Hmmm, did someone actually Uchiha Sasuke leaving.
Torune: It was for a few seconds, but we saw Uchiha Madara leaving with him and a pink-haired kunoichi.
Lee: They kidnapped Sakura!
Sai: (spots something shiny near them) I don’t think so. (walks towards it and picks it up) It’s her headband. (gives it to Kakashi)
Kakashi: That means…
Ao: Someone’s coming.
Naruto: (appears abruptly in the bridge) Kakashi-sensei!
Ao: (thinking) What an huge chakra… he must be the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki.
Naruto: Where’s Sakura-chan?
Kakashi: She… (shows the headband to Naruto) She left Konoha to go with Sasuke. (Naruto is shocked)

Next Chapter: Strangeness

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