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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Naruto 483 - Awakening of the beast

by jeanericuser

483: Awakening of the beast

Sakura is looking at Sasuke at Sasuke while Sasuke seems surprised at her appearence.
Sasuke: "So you have come here to help me?"
Sakura: "Yes I have realized that there is nothing I have left in Konoha. My place is by your side."
Sasuke: "Try as hard as you may Sakura but you were never good at bluffing. You are here to kill me."
Sakura face goes to a nervous look and she pulls out a kunai.
Sakura: "You are coming back with me to Konoha."
Sasuke: "And if I refuse?"
Sakura: "Then I shall take you back, dead or alive. You are still coming back home with me."
Sakura tries to throw a kunai when suddenly she realizes she can't move.
Sakura thinking: "I can't move! Some kind of genjutsu."
Sasuke: "Then I guess I will just kill you here right now but first I must tie up some loose ends."
Sasuke walks over to Karin and Karin looks up at Sasuke.
Karin: "Sasuke...."
Sasuke stabs karin in the heart with his katana and Karin lets out a yelp before dieing.
Sasuke pulls his katana out of Karin and walks over to Sakura. Tears start to stream down Sakura's face.
Sakura: "No! Not like this."
Sasuke: "Farewell Sakura."
Sasuke gets into position to behead Sakura.
Kakashi: "Sasuke stop!"
Sasuke moves away as he sees Kakashi heading into the clearing.
Kakashi: "Give it up Sasuke! Enough is enough! It is time you gave up!"
Sasuke: "So are you here too to capture me as well or are you just here to kill me?"
Kakashi: "If I have to."
Sasuke: "What will do you about Sakura? Can you save her now and stop the bleeding or are you gonna sacrifice her to capture me?"
Sasuke throws a kunai hitting sakura in the chest, then turns around, and runs away as Kakashi runs over to Sakura who has fallen limp to the ground. Kakashi cradles Sakura's head in his arms.
Kakashi: "Im sorry Sakura. I should have tried harder to stop you."
Sakura: "Tell nnnnNaruto Immmm sorry. I sssshhhhould have lissstened to him."
Sakura slumps over as blood pours from her mouth. From in the tree tops Sasuke watches and a tear drops from his eye as he watches her die in Kakashi's arms.
Sasuke: "Farewell Sakura."
Sasuke runs off as Kakashi still sits there cradleing Sakura in his arms. Naruto arrives to find Kakashi cradling sakura's head on his lap as she lays dead. Naruto walks over as tears start to stream down his face.
Naruto: "No! No! NNNNNNNOOOO!!!"
Kakashi: "I am sorry Naruto. I wasn't able to save her in time. Sasuke killed her."
Naruto's expression goes from a sad face to an extremely enraged face. Naruto explodes with red chakra in three tails mode with sage eyes that change into kyubi eyes. Sasuke suddenly stops and turns around with a shocked look on his face.
Sasuke thinking: "What is that chakra?! Its insanely huge! Its naruto!"
Naruto yells so loud that it echoes through the forest that Mizukage, Choujiro, Ao, and Sasuke all stop to listen.
Naruto: "Hear me sasuke! No matter where you run I will find you! No matter who you ally with I will kill them all! From this moment on I will not rest until I have avenged all those you have murdered! I will not stop until I have killed you and all that remains of akatsuki!"
Ao, Choujiro, and Mizukage all have shocked looks on their faces.
Choujiro: "Who the hell was that?!
Ao: "Whoever it is he is just ahead."
Mizukage: "Lets go immediately. I sense there is trouble ahead."
Kakashi is shocked as Naruto's is covered in a massive amount of chakra energy flowing from him in an explosive inferno of fiery chakra. Naruto has an extremely enraged look on his face.

484: A terrible promise

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