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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Naruto 480 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

Naruto ch. 480: Sacrifice
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Naruto 480 Summary:
Status: Confirmed

Front cover is of Sasuke. Back is of Sasuke's Susano'o.

If you close your eyes, hatred will always be there. Like an apparition, it will expand.

480 犠牲
Chapter 480: Sacrifice

Simultaneously striking one another...but is Danzou's body another illusion...!?
Madara (Sasuke's power...this much huh?)
Karin (...!?)

Sasuke pierced by Danzou: Ugh...
Danzou, pierced by Sasuke: Too fast...eyes are still will be going to see Itachi, and perhaps it would be good of you to receive some of his preaching...this is my win.

Karin (What's going on!? ...this feeling is...!)

Danzou: !!?
Sasuke looking downward: Haha
Danzou: ...what's...the meaning of this!? (Guh! ...why won't Izanagi start up!!?)
Sasuke's right eye has Mangekyou activated.

Madara ('s as you said -- the time Itachi could freely manipulate his genjutsu and Tsukiyomi -- the difference is like between the heavens and earth...)
Danzou's field of vision is blurred. His right arm's eyes are closed.

Danzou: You...
Sasuke: The one meeting Itachi will be you...

Danzou falls to his knees.
Karin (As thought, it's as I sensed. It was in fact Danzou's real body!)

Madara (...Although it isn't as strong, it was pivotal of him to use that genjutsu at that time...)
Danzou looks to be in a lot of pain.

Madara (Right before his body was pierced, the sharingan in his right arm all closed. Sasuke is of the Uchiha clan...and a shinobi possessing the Mangekyou...but Danzou with his observing eye...he is above you. In an instant he was faster than you in noticing...Sasuke cast a genjutsu on you, making you believe that your last eye on your right arm was still open. You used Izanagi on yourself without fulling knowing its effective time, checking it over and over to see if it was in effect. Sasuke didn't miss that. Izanagi's time of effectiveness has a small interval in between each use. Although he pretended to know the degree to which that was, he knew beforehand that even in an instant he would be able to cast a genjutsu. Don't use that, that's not Sasuke.)

Danzou's checks his right shoulder:
Madara: You were naiive in this battle of Sharingan because of all those Sharingan you've acquired...that's the reason for your loss.

Sasuke: My eyes will tell you how this fight will go. Don't underestimate the Uchiha.

Madara (Even without being able to use Shisui's eye, Danzou did a good job of driving it this far....Sasuke, it seems like you'll soon be able to take Shisui's eyes for yourself. Root should have stayed hidden in the ground.)

Sasuke is about to collapse while Karin rushes over: Sasuke...!
Sasuke: Ku..ku...
Karin brings out her left arm: Here! Bite quickly!!

Madara: That was good to bring her here...she's useful, and Sasuke specifically chose her as his favorite...

Sasuke biting.
Karin: Ahh...!

Danzou (I...! To this little...!! I will not die in a place like this!!!)

Suddenly Danzou's right arm starts to become a tree.
Danzou: Guahhh!!!
Sasuke and Karin: !!?

Danzou (I won't allow it!! At this rate I'll be taken over by the Shodai's cells.)
Danzou takes his right shoulder with his right arm.
Madara (Facing death, he's losing control over his chakra...he won't be able to easily control the strength of the pillars...)

Danzou, in front of Karin and Sasuke.
Karin: How persistent...this is some guy...!

Danzou takes the bandages off his right eye.
Danzou: Not yet...from here on out...with this eye...I will tell you how this fight will end.

Madara (The pupil in his right eye has returned huh...he covered with Izanagi while allowing Shisui's eye to recover in the mean that was your play huh...)

Sasuke uses Chidori in his left hand, and thrusts at Danzou.
Danzou dodges, and takes Karin hostage.

Madara (Shisui's seems he plans to use it up as he did with Izanagi.)

Sasuke glares at Danzou.
Danzou: You've used your eye too much huh.
Karin: Sasuke...

Danzou (Sasuke can't use it anymore...if I can use Shisui's genjutsu to control him and get him to go after Madara, it would be more effecient considering the depth of these wounds.)
Madara (So then...Sasuke...what will you do?)

Sasuke: You who talked of take a hostage.

Danzou: life...I'm not was for Konoha...for the ninja world...I won't allow myself to die in a place like matter whose hands...whatever I have to live...I will...this shinobi' become the reformer to change the world...this girl will be a sacrifice for that purpose.
Karin: me!

Sasuke: Don't move...Karin.
Danzou: ...!

Sasuke activates Mangekyou in his left eye...with a scary face.

Sasuke uses a Chidori spear and stabs Karin along with Danzou.
Danzou's back is pierced through.

Karin (Huh...)
Danzou: Guh...! (...the vitals of the hostage...)
Madara, smiling with his eyes: So its come to this...

Sasuke: Brother...this is the first...

Karin and achieving revenge!!
Sasuke, towards the darkness of reality...!!

The End.

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