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Monday, December 28, 2009

Naruto 478 by The Special One


by: The Special One

-Why won’t he stay down? Danzou’s taunt!
(The Chapter starts off exactly where it left off with Itachi’s presence hunting Danzou.)
Danzou: So that’s it huh? (Danzou has a short flash-back to when Sasuke was focusing his Mangekyou Sharingan intently at him right, after resurfacing from Sasuke’s assault. Immediately the scene cuts to Danzou barfing up blood. It appears that an Itachi is also behind Danzou. Apparently the rear end Itachi did a quick shank almost instantly, as the front Itachi does the same action.)

Ahhhh! So, Tsukuyomi takes my perception of Itachi’s abilities into account… What a frightening genjutsu he wields… (Danzou then collapses however, on the outside of the Tsukuyomi, it appears as though Sasuke just looked into Danzou’s eyes from a distance before passing out. The scene switches to Karin.)
Karin: What happened? He just fell over… Could it have been Sasuke’s genjutsu? (Scene switches over to Madara’s location.)

Madara: That’s all three Mangekyou Skills… This guy has no restraint… It’d been better if he had confirmed a target before wasting his strength on a decoy… (The Scene switches over to Sasuke’s location. He is holding his right eye and pants a little… Soon Sasuke hears Danzou’s voice.)
Danzou: Did you really think a genjutsu would work? (Karin and Sasuke are scared shitless. Danzou is standing behind Sasuke. Sasuke sweats heavily…) You fail because you lack… (Sasuke looks angry.)
Sasuke: Shut Up! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ME! (Sasuke turns around with quick reflexes, draws his katana, and then swings horizontally however, Danzou slips back and then backs up and lands distances away. The scene switches over to Karin who focuses on the area in which the Tsukuyomi was casted. She notices that a body is there, Danzou’s previous body. She soon gets shocked as it dissipates and vanishes.)
Karin: Again that has happened… (She remembers back to last chapter where Sasuke skewered Danzou… The arm of Danzou vanished into the thin air, the scene switches back to the present. Karin then yells to Sasuke at the top of her lungs.) SASUKE! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME DEALING WITH THEM! IT’S A GENJUTSU! FIND A WAY TO BREAK IT! (Scene switches over to the battle, Danzou and Sasuke looks over to Karin.)

Danzou: Hmph… So, what of it?… It’s just a simple Genjutsu right… Just break it? Or, unless you can’t… (Sasuke looks annoyed as he hears Danzou shit from the mouth. The scene switches over to Karin.)
Karin: Don’t listen to him! You have the sharingan too! It can decipher the codes behind jutsu and give you an answer to break it… (The Scene switches to Danzou. He smirks… The Scene then switches over to Madara’s.)

Madara: Sorry girlie, it doesn’t quite work that way. (The Scene switches back to the battle.)
Danzou: So, let me hear your answer? How are you going to deal with me? Depending on how you respond I might just recommend you go back to the academy… (Sasuke get’s heated.)
Sasuke: Why you? (Sasuke grunts and holds the handle of his blade tightly.)
Danzou: But you’re smarter than that. Now that you know, you are trying your hardest to break out… BUT let me tell you it isn’t that simple… (Karin yells from afar.)

Karin: Don’t listen to him, he’s only trying to rile you up! (The Scene switches back to the battle.)
Danzou: The sharingan is only as strong as it’s wielder. Yes, what the girl said was true however, even you know there are techniques in which you can’t copy or, break down.
Sasuke: Tsk…
Danzou: In order to copy, or break down a jutsu’s composition, you must meet the qualifications and requirements for said jutsu. With that being said, the sharingan isn’t always a guarantee against an opponent who has a knack or, talent far above your own. Sometimes, not even decades of training can close such a gab…

(Danzou lifts up his arm and shows it to Sasuke.) Unless you have a genjutsu awareness and or, the chakra level to disperse a genjutsu on the level of my own as well as on the level of the many other sharingan’s, your only choice is to give up and accept your fate. Not too many things you can do in this situation.
(Danzou then goes into a thought.) Good, that girl is also in the genjutsu. Though, it wasn’t likely that she’d have the chakra to dispel the genjutsu by pouring her chakra into Sasuke. (Danzou then looks up at Madara.) Could he do it? This genjutsu is far too strong, even for him. You’d need the control of a Bijuu… (End of Danzou’s thought. The Scene switches to Karin’s location. She is focusing on Sasuke’s chakra.)

Karin: Sasuke’s chakra is changing again…. (The scene switches over to Sasuke. We see a diagram of his chakra network. Darkness is erupted all around him. The Scene switches back over to Karin.)
Karin: His chakra… It’s cursed… It’s… It’s like before… That’s it! He can break it! (The Scene switches back to Sasuke’s chakra network. Black chakra is coursing through his body… Soon the scene switches back to Sasuke’s face. He opens his eyes and he sees Danzou somewhere on a cliff. Danzou is shocked.)
Danzou: I underestimated the power of the Mangekyou Sharingan and the sinister chakra that once controlled the Kyuubi like a pet. I wouldn’t have thought he’d come this far… You are indeed the embodiment of the Uchiha bloodline. And with that, baby sitting is over… (Danzou begins to unwrap his face. The scene switches over to Madara’s location.)

Madara: Shisui’s eye!? (The Scene switches to Danzou’s location, his right eye is unveiled. The right side of his face is extremely injured. It’s decrepit and just filled with scars.
Next Time: With Sasuke dispelling Danzou’s illusion, Danzou says kid games are over… What kind of power is it that Danzou plans to unleash?!

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