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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Naruto 475 Spoiler Pics and Summaries

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Soruce: NF
Credit: Vered
Verification: Confirmed

What is the goal of Madara, who appeared before Danzō...!?

475: Madara shows his true worth!!

While Danzō is unfastening the screws of the tool on his arm
Madara: "I see you're quite willing... Danzō"
Danzō: "Madara.. We don't know what he can do. Be on your guard."
Fū: "Yessir"

Fū: "Torune, we're constantly going to cover him together"
Torune: "Understood"

Madara is standing on top of a pillar
Fū and Torune plunge into Madara
Torune throws a kunai at Madara
Madara avoid. As he lands, Fū tries to Shintenshin him, but Madara disappears as soon as he hits the ground.

Fū: "He disappeared from the pillar. As we thought, he has the ability to slip through objects"
Torune: "What now? Can you sense his chakra right now?"
Fū: "No, he disappeared completely"
Fū: "!"
Madara reappears from their rear
As he turns around quickly, Fū cuts him with a sword
Madara's mask is pierced by the sword, but it slips through. Madara doesn't pay attention to it and grabs Fū's arm.

Then Torune throws a kunai at Madara
The kunai hits the mask, bu~~t it slips through.
After that, Fū gets away from Madara.

Madara: "Sensing and the hand-seal for Shintenshin... You're a Yamanaka, right...?"
Torune: "When he lets the enemy's attack slip through in order to protect himself, he gets rid of the entire substance of his body"
Fū: "He has to rematerialise if he wants to make a physical attack... In other words, we should aim to counter that"
Madara: "You understand it well... Nice analysis"
part 2 
by Shounensuki:

Torune whispers into Fū's ear: (in order to intentionally create a timing for the counter, we have to continuously attack him and move in two steps. The first step is a decoy)
Fū: (I'll be the decoy... ...The Shintenshin no Jutsu cannot be read. You do the main move.)
Torune: (Understood)

Torune takes off his gloves with his mouth
Fū plunges into Madara. Madara evades.
As the chance appears Torune goes (There!!)
Madara evades. The momentum of the attack isn't broken and the counter punch hits Fū's left hand
Fū collapses. Fū's left hand has been invaded by a fungus? and starts rotting?

With the glove off, the cells of everything he touches break down.
Torune: (That guy... He only pretended to attack... Damnit! He tricked us...!)
Madara: "..."

Madara checks the collapsed Fū's state with his Sharingan
Madara: "Hmm... A technique that destroys cells by flowing chakra into them... How troublesome"

Torune gets besides Fū: "I'm sorry Fū. I'll undo it immediately"
Madara: "!"
Torune touches Fū's injury with his index finger
Madara: "It's not chakra, is it. Those are nano-sized poisonous insects... Close to bacteria. You... Even among those shinobi of the Aburame clan who possess this Hiden ninjutsu... [only] that kid Aburame Shikoku had the antibodies for those insects... So Root got their hands on you, hmm..."
Torune has a drop of sweat on his cheek
As he disappears from the ground, Madara says "Danzō... you gathered some good subordinates, it seems..."

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Naruto Chapter 478
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Source: NF
Verification: Pending

Danzou's Secret Leaked.

Danzou uchiha arm unsealed

(dont know why they used copy eye wheel instead of sharingan)
Because he is not the owner of the Sharingan, he only unseals it in emergency. For cooperation in the uchiha massacre he asked for shisui eye.

Kankarou and Gaara head back to their village leaving Temari to travel to konoha with kakashi to report what happened at the conference.

Yamato and Naruto chase after sakura (dont know why they just dont tell sai clone and have him tell sakura to wait or come back to the spot.)

Temari wonders about naruto chasing after sakura and how that is what a man is suppose to do and remembers shikamaru and how he treats women and becomes slightly annoyed.

Danzou watches as Itachi kills Shisui.

シスイの写輪眼でうちは一族がクーデターを起こそうとしてるのがまるで、自分たちの意志のよう に誘発させた
Danzou getting the eye of shisui seals the deal with itachi and madara. The fall of the uchiha clan will proceed.



Sources : ID:1fueJtrSO @2ch
verification : pending
Translation : Momoy

Danzou unseals his right arm and tries to attack Madara
with the two Root backing up. Also, Danzo removes his
face bandage with focus on his sharingan.

Danzo recalls how he got his arm and eye.
Shishui’s dead body is flocked by people. From
there, Root members took his body who did NOT mention
their purpose.

Danzo ordered Shishui body parts to be transplanted in his
while a subordinate of Orochimaru spies.

An eagle from a top of the tree is looking at the situation
to the people coming out of a building.

Sasuke is midly recovered by biting Karin. They were suprised
by Madara’s appearance.

Kiba told Sakura that he found a scent of Sasuke.


Source: NF
Credits: stream

Danzou starts opening his arm.
Tobi tries to attack him, but Danzou's followers grab him and retreat
Danzou shows an arm like cherry blossoms falling (poetic, right?),
and Fuu removes his bandages while jumping.
Both sides have the sharingan


The place where Shisui's body was found.
It is brought to a kind of morgue by crying Uchihas
At the morgue are Uchiha people (police?) and Danzou, and some Anbu
People say how Itachi wasn't at the meeting last night, and ask Danzou what Itachi has been doing recently in Anbu.
Danzou shown giving orders to Itachi.
Conversation is stopped because Anbu's job is secret

The Uchihas leave for the autopsy starts to investigate the body and get the Sharingan. One Anbu removes his mask, it is Orochimaru.

Tobi watches over Uchihas leaving the building

Sasuke and Karin
Sasuke wakes up and is surprised by where they are
After explanations, he bites Karin to restore himself, and as he's resting, Madara's voice says sorry but he wants some help
Space warps and Sasuke and Karin get out of Madara's face

At that moment, Sakura, Kiba, Raikage, Kakashi and the Sand team
feel Sakura's (mistake? should be Sasuke's) position.

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