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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Naruto 474 - Grand Final

by: Yodaime

Naruto Chapter 474 – Grand Finale

P.S. - I was supposed to write a full prediction about bee Vs kisame , but since spoilers will be out soon so , instead I will limit only to the conversation between Kyuubi , Naruto and Jiraya.


Naruto, turning and facing the Kyuubi, “ What do you want to tell me , fox ??!”

Kyuubi ……“ Since past some months , I have been watching you progress boy , your stupidness and dumbness both are decreasing day by day. I must say I am impressed with your progress. Since I have finally come to accept that your survival is my survival. I will tell you something that has been hidden from you and probably wont be told to you by anyone as the only person knowing this is dead “

“Brat , you have a very Advanced Bloodline that is very potent. With it you could learn anything if there is someone to teach you, if you have the time,”

Naruto ….“You mean…? I have a Bloodline Limit! Awesome! Is it better than the Sharingan? Does it look really cool?”

Kyuubi grumbling….“Grr…Brat, don’t ask so many questions at once,”

Kyuubi thinking…………Pfft, humans and their toys. “Fine, yes, no, yes, and no.”

Naruto …….. “Uh…I don’t have a Bloodline?”

Kyuubi grumbling …..“Yes, you have a Bloodline. No, it is not a Limit. Yes, it’s better than the Sharingan. No, it doesn’t look cool in the slightest. Does that answer it all, brat!”

Naruto …….“Err…How can I have a Bloodline without having a Limit?” staring blankly at the fox.

Kyuubi…….“To put it simply, you don’t have a Bloodline Limit,” The demon began. “The ancestor of yours that created your Bloodline called it an Unlimiter.”

Naruto ….“Unlimiter?”

Kyuubi prompting ..“Yes. It differs greatly from all the other Limits. Tell me, what’s one thing every Limit has in common, no matter how bizarre, weird, or powerful they are?”

Naruto screwed his face up in thought, trying to thing hard………………” They are all……… specialized ?? “

“YES ! . Yes boy, all the Limits are specialized and dedicated to a certain concept or area of expertise. That’s their common factor, be it the Sharingan to the Byakugan to those bug people.”

Naruto…..“Okay……So what’s this Unlimitey thing do and how’s it better than the Sharingan?”

“Unlimiter, boy,” The fox correcting. “Hmm, how to explain this. Alright, think of it like this: if every Limit specializes in a certain ability, then the Unlimiter specializes in being unspecialized.”

Naruto…….“You lost me,”

“Hmm……I’ll explain. The Unlimiter was designed to provide the opposite of a specialization. It allows its bearer to be able to become anything or do anything, within human reason. For instance if you wanted to be become a blacksmith, then you would have just as much potential in that field as you would if you had chosen to remain a shinobi. You can master any area of expertise, as long as you have the patience to learn it. Your ancestor wanted all of his descendants to have the freedom to become whatever they wanted, with nothing to tie them down beyond their own goals and dreams. Humans who bear the Limits, on the other paw, must follow a single or select few paths if they want to reach their full potential. Your ancestor observed this and made his Bloodline to avoid that.”

Naruto …..“Wow, that’s pretty good. But…uh, how is that better than the Sharingan? and How does my Bloodline help if I’ve already picked a field?”

Kyuubi……“Ah, that’s linked to how the Unlimiter works and why it allows you to choose any expertise, The Bloodline is a total alteration on your genetic level …….”

Naruto blankly“ ……………………”

Kyuubi growling “ ….it’s the basic foundation of your body. So , as I was saying, Your body, brain, and chakra pathways have all been carefully altered to remove their maximum caps. Basically, there isn’t a limit to how far you can go. You can get as strong as you want, learn as much as you want, or build as much chakra reserves as you want as long as you’re willing to work to achieve it. You still have to train just as hard, but where others begin to slow down, you’ll simply keep on going. This is why your Bloodline is superior to the Sharingan Bloodline Limit. No matter how powerful the Sharingan is or how ingenious its user, they will eventually hit a glass ceiling where they simply can’t get any stronger”

Naruto….. looking amazed … “It’s really that powerful ??!! “

The Kyuubi continuing……., “Why do you think you were chosen to be my vessel? What other newborn infant could withstand the enormous strain on their bodies that comes with being my living prison? Only a child that can endlessly grow could possibly contain the strongest demon of this plane of reality. Your chakra coils can mold to any shape over time, so it would be child’s play for them to adjust to imprisoning me. Even your DNA has altered itself to not only adapt to my presence, but to take advantage of it. Your healing ability is just one example of that. It needs my energy to work, but it was your body that created it.”

Naruto thinking …………….Father , so that’s why you chose me

Kyuubi……. “Yes, that human may have been a disgusting, cowardly little yellow-haired rat, but he was a smart rat. He knew your body would not only adapt to the strain, but take advantage of it.”

Naruto “………………………”

Kyuubi……….. “Anyways, is there anything else you wanted to know about your Bloodline? I’m not a full expert on it, but I did learn a great deal about the Unlimiter over time. I thought it wise to do so, as the only humans with the potential to rival my power were the ones who bore it.”

Naruto frowned………….. “There’s nothing else to it? No flashy ultimate level or anything?”

Kyuubi shook its head…….., “No, but remember that it doesn't mean a lack of power just because you can’t show it off to others. It may seem weak in the short term, but in the long run there isn’t a human alive that you won’t exceed.”

Naruto…………….. “But, can’t the Sharingan do kind of the same thing? I mean, the Uchihas look like they can do anything they want.”

“Hmm, funny you should mention that Bloodline Limit,” The Kyuubi said thoughtfully. “It happens to be directly linked to your Bloodline.”

Naruto ………..“WHAT!”

To be continued………………………


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