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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Naruto 461 Spoiler - Numinous Prediction

Read Online Naruto 461 Prediction at

Naruto 461: Judgement
by: Numinous

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(Konoha Scene)
(Shikamaru and Sakura are leaving the tent; Sai and Shizune are still inside the tent)
Sai: (thinking) Is friendship and love this strong?! Going all the way to a foreign country just to talk to Naruto?! And Naruto… all these years devoted to bring back Sasuke… Is it so much worthy of such effort?!
Sakura: (returning to the tent) Sai, can you come with us?! With your birds the travel would be so much faster!
Sai: I can’t leave the village…
Sakura: Forget about Danzou. By now, he might have seen Naruto, so what’s the use?!
Sai: But…
Sakura: Stop complaining! Let’s go!
Sai: (thinking) Forgive me, Danzou-sama (he exits the tent. Outside, he picks up a scroll and starts to paint. He conjures 3 ink birds. Kiba, Shino and Hinata are farther away from perspective)

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Shino: Where are they going at a time like this?!
Kiba: I don’t have a clue, do you Hinata?
Hinata: M-maybe their going after N-Naruto-kun…
Kiba: Uh? Why do you think so?
Hinata: (blushes) I-I wanted to talk with N-Naruto-kun, but I couldn’t find him…
Shino: Maybe he left the village and went to the Kage Summit.
Hinata: M-maybe you’re right…
Shino: So, what are you waiting for, Hinata?!
Hinata: F-for what?!
Kiba: To go with them. You wanted to talk with Naruto, right?
Hinata: (blushes even more) I-I…
Kiba: Just go, you silly.
Hinata: T-thanks, guys… (she starts to run towards the birds, that were almost lifting off the ground) W-wait up!!
Shikamaru: Hinata?!
Hinata: I-I want to go too, b-because…
Shikamaru: (smiling) I know. (to Sai) Can you conjure another bird?
Sai: Sure. (one more bird is conjured)
Hinata: T-thanks, Sai-kun.
Sakura: (thinking) Poor Hinata, Naruto still didn’t talked to her after the invasion… I hope he doesn’t break her heart. (Hinata rides a bird and the groups lifts off)

(Kage Scene)
(Naruto is in the room; Sasuke is still staring at him, and the Kages are still behind a sand wall burning with Amaterasu)
Sasuke: Look who’s here. Theres’s no party without you getting in the middle, is there?
Naruto: SASUKE! Stop this madness!
Sasuke: Madness?! You think I’ll let that rat called Danzou unpunished for what he did?! He made my brother assassinate all the Uchiha clan, you know how it makes me feel?! You don’t know!
Naruto: I… (Kakashi and Yamato enter)
Sasuke: Kakashi-sensei… it’s been a long while…
Kakashi: Sasuke…
Yamato: Kakashi-senpai, the Amaterasu!
Kakashi: Right!
Sasuke: How rude of you, disregarding me already. (Sasuke turns to Kakashi and Yamato)
Sasuke: Uh?! (stares at Naruto)

Naruto: (closes his eyes) I… I know what it feels to lose a person dear to me. (Jiraiya and Minato’s faces appear in the background) Ero-sennin died in the hands of Pein! The same Pein that was bent in a path of revenge, just like you! (Kakashi and Yamato start to use Fuuka Houin) And he was in that path because of a deal between Hanzou of the Rain and Danzou! If it wasn’t for Danzou, Pein would never be an avenger, would never form Akatsuki and Konoha would never be destroyed! Because of him, Fukasaku-sensei and Kakashi-sensei were dead for moments! (Amaterasu is nullified, the sand shield wears off, exposing the Kages; Naruto opens his eyes in tears, revealing Sage Mode)

Sasuke: (thinking) What are those freaky eyes?!
Naruto: Because of him, Hinata almost died! If there’s someone who entitled to take revenge on him, it’s me! But I won’t. This cycle of hatred must be stopped, or this world will never achieve peace! Danzou must answer for his crimes, but not with revenge! (Danzou looks at the floor, the other Kages stare at him coldly) Look what revenge done to you! Your mind became so twisted… you forgot about us. You’re not the only suffering, me, Sakura, Kakashi, everyone in Konoha is suffering because of you! I know you’re not that selfish, Sasuke…
Sasuke: Such moving words, Naruto. I would cry if they touched me… but you won’t change my mind. That coward will meet his fate now! Since you figured out my Amaterasu…

Kakashi: EVERYONE, GET OUT! (everyone gets out, Kakashi grabs Naruto by force)
Naruto: LET ME GO! (Yamato and Mizukage stay at the corridor)
Sasuke: Katon: Gouryuuka no Jutsu!*(flames in the shape of a dragon flies on the top of the room; Yamato performs the Boar, Dog and Ram hand seals, while Mizukage performs the Serpent hand seal)
Mizukage: Suiton: Bakusui Shouha! **
Yamato: Suiton: Hahonryuu! ***
(The Summit’s building explodes, some debris fly towards the group, resting outside=
Gaara: I’ll handle it! (a sand shield surrounds the group, protecting them from the debris; Yamato and Mizukage arrive near the shield shortly after)
Yamato: Are you okay?!
Gaara: Don’t worry, we’re fine. (the sand shield vanishes; a lot of steam comes out of the ruins, along with water pouring out, soaking the group’s feet.)

Kankurou: Do you think he’s dead?!
Ao: I wouldn’t bet on that… Byakugan! (he searches the ruins, he senses Sasuke’s chakra) He’s there, alive.
(An ominous laugh comes out the ruins; as the steam dissipates, it reveals an wet, cloakless Sasuke)
Naruto: Sasuke…
Sasuke: How kind of you, Yamato, Mizukage-sama, to perform such lovely Suiton jutsus against my Katon… not only it helped me acquire the thundercloud I needed, the water is at your feet.
White Zetsu: (with his head sticking out of an wall, thinking) Is he going to use that again? Is he that mad?!
Kakashi: (thinking) A thundercloud?! (looks up; a giant thundercloud is floating above them, roaring with thunder inside it) Is he using it… for a Raiton jutsu?!
Sasuke: (jumps to a still dry rock) Disappear with the thunder.

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(Sakura Scene)
(Sakura, Sai, Shikamaru and Hinata are flying in their birds; the Three Wolves Mountains are visible)
Shikamaru: According to my data, the Land of Iron is just ahead of us. Look, the Three Wolves.
Sai: Is that… a thundercloud, near those mountains?!
Shikamaru: What?! That’s odd for a cloudless sky…
Hinata: Byakugan! (She investigates the cloud) It’s a cloud moulded with chakra!
Sakura: A cloud… with chakra?
(The thundercloud roars, Kirin is unleashed)
Sakura: What was that?!
Hinata: For a moment… I saw a giant beast, made of lightning!
Shikamaru: A Raiton jutsu?! It must be…
Sakura: Sasuke…
Sakura & Hinata: (terrified) Naruto!

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* Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique!
** Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave!
*** Water Release: Destructive Rapid Torrents!


Tobi - Uchiha Madara

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