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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Naruto 460 Prediction

Read Online Naruto Chapter 460 Spoiler (Raw)

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Status : PRediction

Update Status : This Manga (Comic) update weekly


Come here to discuss the latest chapters of Naruto. This is the place if you want to have more of a carefree conversation about Naruto. Please respect those that don't want to be spoiled. Thanks.


Tobi Face Revealed..!!

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tobi face revealed

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Naruto vs Sasuke - The Final Battle

by: jeanericuser

Naruto 460: Eye of the Moon

Zetsu is standing in the center of the room. The Kage's guards are inching closer to Zetsu. Tsuchikage looks at Zetsu then suddenly
smiles as if recognizing someone familiar. Tsuchikage waves to his guards and they lower their weapons as if they too recognize Zetsu.
Tsuchikage: "Relax everyone. This is merely the errand boy of akatsuki, Zetsu. He is no major threat."
Zetsu smiles as he looks at Tsuchikage and then looks at the others with a slightly nervous expression.
Raikage: "He is a member of akatsuki! He should be killed on sight! No exceptions!"
Tsuchikage: "I said relax! This mere boy is barely strong enough to lift a kunai but nothing more."

Mifune: "Guards! Arrest this member of akatsuki immediately."
Zetsu: "If you arrest me you will never learn where sasuke is or where the cloud village's jinchuriki has fled to. As Tsuchikage has said, I am merely a messenger."
Raikage: "Alright! You have made your point! Mifune recall the guards. Everyone return to your positions. Lets hear what this akatsuki has to say."
Zetsu looks at everyone and smiles. The guards have left the room and the bodyguards are back at their original positions.
Zetsu: "Thank you. As Tsuchikage has made you all aware of, I am a messenger for akatsuki. I have a message and gift for you directly from the current leadership of akatsuki."
Everyone gasps in shock and looks at him with curious expressions.
Zetsu: "Over the last few years, there has been a splintering within the ranks of akatsuki. While one faction has continued offering aid to countless villages, the other half has carried out these attacks on your villages."
Raikage: "Enough with the history lesson, get to the point!"
Zetsu: "The new leadership of akatsuki wishes to make restitution for the acts perpetrated by our members. To that end we are handing over to you, Sasuke Uchiha as well as all those responcible for the attack on the cloud village."
Raikage: "Than where is sasuke uchiha!? Tell me right now!"
Zetsu: "He is right outside this building attempting to sneak in for what he thinks is gonna be a sneak attack."
Mifune: "Guards! Search the village immediately! We have intruders!"
Raikage: "Now where is my brother!?"
Zetsu: "We are searching for him as we speak and will notify you when we have found him."
Zetsu vanishes in a cloud of smoke and Raikage is now leaving the table.

Sasuke and team hawk is hiding against the wall of a building looking at the entrance to the Kage meeting chambers. Suddenly alarm bells start ringing. Karin looks around in panic and grabs sasuke's shoulder.
Karin: "We have to get out of here now! Its too dangerous to stay here!"
Sasuke: "Do you see zetsu anywhere?"
Karin: "No sign at all. Its as if he vanished."
Suigetsu then suddenly collapses to the ground unconscious. Karin looks annoyed at him and tries to wake him up.
Karin: "Wake up you idiot!"

Karin then suddenly collapses to the ground unconscious.
Juugo: "Someone is targeting us with genjutsu. I will try to figure out where the person responcible is."
Juugo suddenly gets hit with a dart and pulls it out. Juugo looks at sasuke and his vision is very blury. Juugo collapses to the ground.
Sasuke: "You have eliminated the rest of my team. Now are you brave enough to face me in person."
Sasuke deflects a dart off his sword and stares directly at where the dart came from. Suddenly a large amount of water falls from the sky on top of sasuke. Sasuke looks above to see Mizukage holding a hand sign. Suddenly before he has a chance to react, the water freezes into solid ice holding sasuke still in a solid block of ice. Raikage walking towards sasuke from around a corner.
Raikage: "At last we finally meet, Sasuke Uchiha."
Raikage punches sasuke hard in the face and sasuke slips unconscious as more ninja arrive on the scene.

Madara and Zetsu are watching the Iron Country Village from a distance away. Zetsu is now reunited with his lighter half.
Zetsu: "Do you think the bought it?"
Madara: "Well right now they have one less reason to search for us now."
Zetsu light: "May I ask, why is the plan called Eye of the Moon."
Zetsu dark: "It simple. We needed to have their focus be on something else instead of us. That is why we betrayed sasuke. His team was a liability."
Madara: "An expensive liability but expendable none the less."
Zetsu light: "But why that name?"
Madara: "In the darkness of night, some times the only thing visable to some things is the presence of things visable by moonlight. Sasuke in his own way has brought our actions to light thus allowing them to know about us. But once sasuke is gone, our actions will once again be unknown to the other villages thus we may once again move freely without reprecussions for our actions."

Naruto and Kakashi are at a resturant. Naruto is not eating his food while a steamy bowl of ramen sits next to him. Kakashi is looking at his book. Kakashi looks at naruto and then puts down his book.
Kakashi: "You better eat that ramen before it gets cold."
Naruto: "Im not hungry."
Kakashi: "You haven't eaten in a long while. Besides this one is on me."
Naruto: "...."
Yamoto enters into the resturant. He has a grim look on his face. Yamoto sits down next to kakashi.
Yamoto: "I have some good news and some very bad news."
Naruto: "Whats the bad news?"
Kakashi "The caught him didnt they?"
Yamoto: "Correct. Sasuke Uchiha has just been captured in the Iron Country Village."
Kakashi: "It was bound to happen sooner or later."
Naruto: "I wonder what they will do to him now that they have captured him."
Yamoto: "Thats actually the good news. The bad news is that they have decided to transport him to the cloud village for a live execution."
Naruto: "When?"
Yamoto: "Unknown."
Kakashi: "Probably after Raikage and the others are done torturing him for information."
Naruto: "Sasuke."
Sasuke is shown shirtless with bruises all over his body. He is chained to a wall in a prison cell.

Next chapter: The Last Hours of Sasuke Uchiha


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