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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Naruto 459 Spoiler Image

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Naruto 459 Spoiler IMage

Someone just give one image to me, So just it available for this time.

From the Image:

Eyepatch: That right eye... He seems to have robbed and transplanted the eye of Uchiha Shisui (wow)
Eyepatch: The eye technique of Shisui was to get in the brain of the other people
Eyepatch: A technique manipulating the person into fake thoughts, as if from his own will

Eyepatch: The person manipulated does not even notice it... An eye technique of the highest class!
Raikage: Hokage... Don't tell me Mifune...!!!

It seems he manipulated Mifune in order to becoming the leader of the alliance

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Naruto vs Sasuke - The Final Battle

by: Numinous

(Kage Scene)
Raikage: What did you say?!
Tsuchikage: You expect us to accept such a thing?!
Mizukage: Isn’t that a little rushed?!
(Gaara stares at Danzou, silent)
Mifune: Please, calm down. I knew this decision wouldn’t be unanimously accepted, but Konoha is the most prominent force here, the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki is a large factor that has to be accounted for. For a strong alliance, a strong leader is needed.
Raikage: A strong leader?! Look at him, he was very recently appointed as Hokage and he looks like a disgrace!
Danzou: Watch your mouth, Raikage! There’s a reason I was appointed the Sixth Hokage!
Tsuchikage: As far as the rumours go, you’re sporting the title because the Fire Daimyou appointed so, and most certainly your Jounin didn’t made their decision yet.
Mizukage: I must concur with the Stone and the Cloud. You’re in hot water, Hokage.
Danzou: As I said, there’s a reason the Fire Daimyou made such decision.
Gaara: Where were you when Akatsuki levelled Konoha?! (everyone seems shocked)
Danzou: I-I beg your pardon?!
Gaara: By other rumours that reached Suna shortly before I left, Konoha was attacked by an element of Akatsuki and would be utterly destroyed if Naruto didn’t single-handedly defeated that element of the organization. (everyone looks apprehensive)
Raikage: (thinking) That whiny brat… defeated alone an Akatsuki?!
Gaara: So I ask you again, where were you?!
Danzou: Akatsuki was after the Kyuubi’s Jinchuuriki, that Naruto you speak of. Because of him, Konoha was destroyed!
Tsuchikage: Dodging the question, eh?
Mizukage: This Naruto… is the last Jinchuuriki?!
Raikage: Quit your pitiful excuses, Hokage!!! The kid made a simple question, so answer him!!!
Danzou: None of you are entitled to stuff your noses in Konoha business!
Raikage: That answers all... I refuse to be in an alliance with this fraud as leader!
Danzou: Hmmmpff…
Mizukage: What if… what if this Naruto you speak of was appointed as leader of the alliance?! If the rumours are right, it seems he’s strong enough as a leader.
Gaara: I guarantee you, he is. I know Naruto, he would be perfect for the job.
Tsuchikage: And wasn’t this Jinchuuriki the criteria for selecting the Hokage as leader, Mifune? I think the Jinchuuriki himself would be better as leader.
Raikage: Aren’t you rushing, fellow Kages? You don’t even know the person and you’re already putting him in a throne?! When I met him he wasn’t nothing short of a crying spoiled brat, begging for the salvation of his friend that went rogue.
Danzou: And furthermore, putting Naruto as leader of this alliance would be like sticking your head in the mouth of the lion!
Gaara: (thinking) Sasuke?! (speaking) That’s the Naruto I know. No matter how doomed his cause is, he’ll stick to it. And I don’t know anyone more suited to take care of Uchiha Sasuke and the remaining Akatsuki then him.
Raikage: Humm… If you say so… it seems that either I accept the whining brat as a leader or Kumo is leaving this alliance.

(Flashback Scene)
Naruto: I’M BEGGING YOU!! I DON’T WANT ANYONE ELSE KILLED FOR REVENGE!!! All Sasuke ever thought about was revenge!!! It consumed him and changed him!! He was driven mad by revenge! He’s not the same guy I knew anymore! I don’t want that to happen to anyone else!! I don’t want people from Konoha and Kumo to be killing each other!! … So, please…!!

(Kage Scene)
Raikage: I’ll hate myself for this, but I’ll give a chance to the kid.
Danzou: What?! You can’t be serious!
Raikage: Hummm… but at any mistake from his part, Kumo will withdraw immediately from the alliance.
Gaara: I see. It seems the majority of the Five Great Nations concur, Naruto must be the leader of this alliance.
Mifune: Unfortunately Naruto isn’t inside these halls, so I can’t rely in rumours and unfounded remarks. For the time being, the Hokage is the appointed leader of the alliance.
Danzou: Thank you.
Raikage: Are you deaf, Mifune?! We don’t trust this hoax of a Kage and you still shovel him in our throats?!
Mizukage: Is this an arrangement? This fixation of yours for the Hokage is highly odd.
Tsuchikage: The Stone will not be part of this debacle!
Raikage: Nor will the Cloud!
Gaara: Count the Sand out too.
Mizukage: And the Mist.
Mifune: Please, be reasonable, we are getting nowhere. Unity among the villages is critical at this moment. I believe this alliance and the Hokage as the leader is the best method against the Akatsuki threat.

(Sasuke Scene)
(The group is hiding in a secretive high point)
Karin: The Five Great Nations, on the edge of war…
Suigetsu: At least they agree on something, they all hate Danzou’s guts. That makes your job easier, Sasuke!
Sasuke: Actually no.
Suigetsu: What?
Karin: Use your brains, dumbass! If Danzou is killed now, all the other nations will be suspecting each other and the Fourth Great Shinobi World War might start!
Sasuke: And don’t think that war among them will spare us. Most certainly we’ll be the first persecuted.
Suigetsu: Really?!
White Zetsu: And that’s not all… now they know about Madara. This is bad, really bad…

(Kage Scene)
(Awkward silence between Kages, everyone is staring at Danzou, while he’s smiling)
Samurai: (appears next to Mifune) Sorry to disturb you, Mifune-sama, but a crew from Konoha requests to speak in the Summit. (everyone stares, surprised)
Gaara: Is it… Naruto?!
Samurai: Y-yes, Kazakage-sama!
Gaara: Let him enter.
Danzou: What?!
Mizukage: I want to meet this Naruto.
Tsuchikage: Me too.
Mifune: Sorry, but I can’t let him enter, he’s not authorized personnel.
Raikage: Do you want me to rip you a new mouth, punk?! (He smashes again the table; the samurai and Mifune’s guards are in a defensive position) Let the brat enter!
Mifune: Eh… as you wish. Let him enter.
Samurai: Yes, Mifune-sama. (he vanishes)

(Sasuke Scene)
Karin: Naruto?! The Naruto?!
Suigetsu: Now this is getting interesting!
Sasuke: Whatever. Just don’t lose focus on our mission.

(Sai and Sakura Scene)
(They’re still in the tent)
Sakura: What you mean, I cause pain to Naruto too?!
Sai: Maybe if he hadn’t made that promise… maybe he wouldn’t suffer so much.
Sakura: (smacks Sai, he falls clumsily) What are you saying?!!! Are you accusing me of all this?!
Sai: (he gets up) No, Sakura. I’m just saying…
Sakura: You’re saying?! Do you know anything?! You don’t know anything about it! Who are you to say anything?!
Sai: A friend.
Sakura: Uh?!
Sai: I’m saying this as a friend. Naruto is out there, on the verge of sacrificing himself for a promise he made to you. And you’re still here.
Sakura: (stares at Sai) You’re right. All this time… I let Naruto do my biding. Even after Team 7 reunion, all I did was following Naruto. I wasn’t beside him, I was behind him all the way. (cleans up the tears) No more! This time I won’t be falling behind, I will be at Naruto’s side. I’ll no longer expect him to bring Sasuke back, we will bring him together. Even if Naruto falls, I will fight on! That’s the promise I will keep to myself! (Sai smiles) Tell me where the Summit is being held. We got to go there, now!
Sai: Hummm… is being held in the Land of Iron, north from here. (thinking) But I can’t leave Konoha, if Danzou-sama finds out…
Sakura: What are we waiting for?! Let’s go!
Sai: I can’t leave the village…
Sakura: Forget Danzou, we got to help Naruto!
Sai: But…!
Sakura: We got to do anything to help a friend!
Sai: (thinking) To help a friend. Is friendship this strong?! Is friendship worth this much?! (speaking) Don’t worry about the travel. (picks a scroll, opens it and starts to paint. A giant bird comes out of the scroll) We’ll fly to Naruto! (he smiles)
Sakura: Hell yeah!!! Wait… is that bird stable?! It’s just ink after all…
Sai: Don’t worry. We’ll be there in no time, trust me.

Next Chapter: Five Kages, Five Rogues, A Friendship.
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